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skyangel on Aug. 13, 2010

Bumpy's story: (It's true!)

About 15 yrs ago I had my mini broken into and the only thing they took was my Garfield which was suckered to the side window. I was grieving his loss and on the verge of going round putting flyers on lamposts and paying out to have his face put on milk cartons when my g/f suggested I needed a break to get over it.
So we had a weekend in Brighton (I paid) and on the first morning she called me into a gift shop that had a shelf full of nodding dogs and said she would treat me. I wasn't really ready to have another car novelty quite so soon and as I looked along the line they all looked just really cheap and naff, but then one caught my eye; a little runt at the back that looked like he had been manhandled badly once too often. He had a dent in his side and a bit of flock missing from his right ear and was clearly old stock too as he was different to the others and his ass was peppered with reduced stickers, so I felt sorry for him and lent my girl the money to buy him for me.
Anyway he has stuck to my dash for 15 yrs now, and I'm very fond of him. The nicest thing about him is that he always agrees with me and never stops smiling. :)

BTW: My mini wasn't red it was shit brown but in this comic I get my own way, so big thanks to Carl E for letting me have it!

Next week: Sarah and Janey have an amusing time when they finally have tea with May, and the old girl has some interesting news about Nick!