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How to make a Kick butt Pokemon sprite comic!

charliemew2 at 3:27PM, June 23, 2009

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This will be good for noobs.

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PART ONE-Preparing for your comic
1.First, you can't make a sprite comic without sprites. I would recommend TSR Here's a link-

2.Get the sprites. Go to the DS section first. Then select P at the top of the screen. Then select Pokemon mystery Dungeon 2. This spriter named redblueyellow ripped almost EVERY Pokemon in MD2. Select EVERY Pokemon that you want. They are organized by generartion. To get them, click the Icon, and drag and to a folder.

3.Go to the Gameboy Advance Section. Then select the P. Then go to the Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen section or Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald section. Get your maps and characters and Pokeballs or other stuff the same way as Pokemon.

4.Next, we have to get folders. Create a new folder and then label it, POKEMON COMIC or whatever you want to name it. Then create 5 folders. MAPS, POKEMON, OTHER, PAGES, and CHARACTERS. Then, organize your sprites within them.

5. Open up a document in Paint that's 200 by 200. Then, open up a document that is 601 width by 400 height. Then, color in the 200 by 200 document black. Then, cutt out and paste it into the 601 by 400 one. Then, it should like this . Then, Select all of it but, one pixel off the edge, so it looks like this . Then, make lines so it looks like this . Save as Template. Keep the 200 by 200 document open. Then, we're ready to begin the comic!

PART 2-Start the comic!

1. Open The Template up. Then, open up a map in PAINT. Say…Pallet Town. Select The Opaque Tool and copy out part of the map. Then, go to your 200 by 200 Document and Paste the peice of the map. Then go to IMAGE, Strech and skew, then STRETCH horizontal and Vertical by 300%. Then, move it around till it's how you want. Repeat for all 6 panels.

2. Open up a character and then take the paint bucket. Color the background that they are on light grey. Then, cut out the pose you want. Then, paste it on your Template. After that, stretch it by 300% like the map. Then, on your color bar, right click on that same grey, and then, undo the character paste, and repaste and stretch it again. Then, move it around. Repeat for all 6 panels.

3. Repeat the character steps with the Pokemon, only this time, don't resize the Pokemon if it has a height that is like it does. Look at Serebii's Pokedex for heights.

4. Save as a Page in the page folder.

5. Copy the document onto a NEW Paint.Net File.

6. Make a new layer and make find a Text Balloon Tutorial somewhere else on this site for the balloons.

7. Merge the layers, and then make a new one. Make all the effects with the attacks with blurs and crap. Merge again, Cut the image, Paste it on Your saved page and then Save the page again. YOU ARE DONE!

I Hoped this helped! Pq me if this is unclear.



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