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How to make cool sprites.

diana_m at 11:35AM, June 7, 2008

The title says all.

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Hi there!This is a tutorial that teaches you how to make nice sprites.Let's start with the basics.


Things you shouldn't do and things you have to do:

-DON'T mix bitage/style.

If you look at any good comic you will see that they don't put a 8-bit sprite next to a 16-bit one.Why?Because it just looks ugly.You shouldn't do that.It's a serious no-no.And doing that when making sprites it's even worse.

And style.What is style?
You see,diferent games on diferent platforms have diferent styles.For example the Genisis' Sonic the Hedgehog sprites and the GBA ones.

Doing the things above leads to really ugly sprites.'Nuff said.
——————————————————————-More to come soon.



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