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Hey everyone, nice to be back on Drunk Duck again. I've decided to make myself a small corner to post my various finished projects and other random comic strips for the world to see. Wether theyre any good or not is another matter entirerly. Im not sure if I'll ever start up a continuous webcomic here, but I will post finished stories that I wont be publishing anywhere for your guys to read, and hopefully, enjoy. Anyway, here's info about me that none of you care about
Place of orgin: Sweden
Occupation: Drain on society/artist
Age: 26
Interests: Comics (duh), video games, art in general, wasting my life in front of the Internet, wrestling, and stuffing my face with junk food. Yeah, I'm on FA as well. Im not a furry artist, I just prefer being able to be noticed rather than drowning in a sea of traced anime drawings and blurry photos on FA

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  • Fantasy |
  • 31 pages |
  • last: July 24 2011 |
An attempted break in at a closed liquor store goes terribly wrong for a nameless criminal. In Noir City, a city of superheroes, where can he hide from those who want revenge against him? Updated once a week
  • Parody |
  • 204 pages |
  • last: Nov. 25 2014 |
Various miscellaneous strips I draw up, inspired by my nightly patrols of the dark depths of the Internet. Pretty much about whatever. Updates strictly according to "When I feel like it"

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A collection of random comics about random things :D

Snog is a small business owner, of a diner, in space. He works there with his one employee Delbort. They work, day in, day out, flipping burgers, endlessly into infinity... Customer service is the same all over the universe, Snog and Delbort deal with all sorts of silly aliens, even ones that can't understand why a coffee-burger TASTES like coffee! This is a SciFi themed humour comic strip and it's pretty funny. Very newspaper styled, all in solid black and white, usually drawn in a 3 panel vertical column. A well done comic with a respectable archive. Art and writing by Jazzy, aka John McDowell. By Rated E. Read Infinity Burger !

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