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Hey, guys! I'm Blood zx and I like making sprite comics. For some reason
I always put blood in my usernames nowadays, and I was playing megaman
zx advent when I made my username, so here we have blood zx. My best
friend is Supah Sonic, but he doesn't update his comics much/anymore, but when he does/did they are/were pretty good, so I'd reccomend checking his comics out if you like mine. And that's pretty much it.

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Sprite salad. Yummy yummy.
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There's stickmen. They do stuff. There's also snivy.

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A heroic quest of frienship and hardship and other kinds of ships.

A comic made with sprites taken from the online game Maple Story. Made with MSPaint. Enjoy and remember, keep on smilin'! ^_^

The randomness from Nintendo games is shown in this one-liner comic. Many Nintendo games are shown, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Warioware, and other awesome games made by Nintendo. There will not be licensed nintendo games in the comic. Enjoy the randomess

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