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Hey, I'm one of the creators of Copy and Paste. I decided to make my own profile so I can actually make some of my own ideas… uh… well, that's about it…

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A compilation of my funny ideas. Hopefully...

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3 friends living together in a apartment what can go wrong?

Comics Recomended By Dygyt

Allan (Biographically) is an autobiographical comic me and my friend Rob thought up. It's based off real-life happenings to me, and possibly other people who get involved with me.

A simple "chibi" style strip, inspired by life and a very bored wandering mind, about the mundane, the moronic, the silly, the surreal, the cute, the quirky, the geeky and anything that materializes in my head.

With events taken from real life, follow the day to day struggles of the most hated boy in school, the fat kid. Matt Feazell calls it " a more serious Charlie Brown"

Join Bit, Eli, Prob, and Ittybit in wacky crazy robot adventures of crazy wacky adventurous robots that are wacky and crazy adventurers.

Comic about two dudes. It's dead now though, and it's very unlikely to ever make another appearance.

This comic revolves around our dinosaur costume wearing hero as he goes through the most amazing adventure anyone has ever seen. Join him and his crew in his quest for stuff! Current storyline: Lengthy parody of The Odyssey (by Homer)

this man had a great life till biten by a radioactive hobo beginning his conquest

Irving is a man who doesn't know the right thing to say...Or when to say it.

A Drunk Duck featured comic and winner of the Drunk Duck Awards for Best Humor Scenes and Most Deliciously Offensive. Plus the artist is an Adonis of a man. Handsome, charismatic, suave. He saved my mom's life once! All in all, this is one awesome guy.

He IS da' Teach! YO!

Mario and Link and Metroid save the princess and who knows what else? They are the Super Squad and nothing can beat them!

Pokemon comic, updated every day. All drawings are aimed to be done under a 40 minute time limit, and will be done till I reach the first 151 pokemon. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! KAY?

this is a test, but it could be more! (perhaps)

A parody of my life and the people in it. Different style for each chapter. But basically a spoof on a bandgeek's life, her friends, and even her readers. Updates Daily.

AdventureKid is on an Adventure to save the Skeleton King's daughter from castle Weinerstone.

About all my extra comics rolled into one.


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Copy and Paste at 11:00AM, Dec. 16, 2007

Dude, make you're own comic. Cause it would be sooooooooooooo cool

Chaz McRich at 3:07PM, Oct. 22, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

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