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Just your average 20 year old…except im the proud author of Metroid Vengeance.
Obviously i love metroid games and i have played them all except Metroid II. While waiting for nintendo to produce a sequel to fusion i started thinking what would happen next…and this comic is the result.
I was introduced to sprite comics by Commander Chaos so if you like my comic say thanks to him by reading his comic. Bowsers Plan B is awesome, so youll be glad you did.

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Samus on her next big mission! Updates Monday and Thursday...usually.

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About a teenager named Evan, who goes to a school to teach him how to be a supervillain! But he's no good at it and hilarity ensues!

A comic about pirates. Really inept pirates. There are a few sane minds aboard, but they do tend to get drowned out. This often leads to Adventures of the Hilarious sort.

Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place

Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr

Take a group of the video game characters and have them roam the universe, have reality be a program on a laptop belonging to an imp creature, and you'll have Mixed Bag Comics. (And yes, if it's not obvious, this IS a sprite comic)

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan were mortal once. Now each one is learning the limitations - and lack therof - of their newfound positions as gods. CURRENT STORY "Consequences": New gods learn about their powers, and deal with ancient pantheons. Fun!

Ultimate X, where what we did was take your normal, everyday letter X, pump him full of drugs and booze, sex him up some and chuck on a fine pimp hat.


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rmmanuel at 11:37AM, Feb. 1, 2008

Thanks for the add!!! I love your comic :)

Reaver at 12:11AM, Jan. 28, 2008

your metroid vengeance comic is great. I love how you make the SA-X look like the idiot she is in the Metroid Fusion game.

Dred at 4:23AM, Nov. 18, 2007

Thanks for the add Havoc, your comic is very hilarious, keep it up

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