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Indigo is an avid fan of comics* in all forms**, robots, mad science, linguistics, puns, subverting gender norms, love, logic, knives - both decorative and utilitarian, Dr. Who, cussin' up a storm, random and/or absurd humor, equality, most critters (including, but not limited to: Snakes, bats, kitties, rats, and certain humans) and is pretty enthusiastic about a lot of things in general.

Indigo is admittedly a sucker for continuity in comics and cartoons, stories with non-human protagonists (we all know what it's like to be human - why not let the "monsters" be the heroes?), baby snakes, character development, dictionaries bristling with interesting words, just about anything with an autonomous robot or two in it, and lychees.

While she typically trends towards the shyer side of things on the internet, odds are significantly good that she would like to be your friend.

Three of Indigo's current favorite films are Persepolis, Appleseed(2004), and Kinky Boots.

Her most favorite dude of all time is her unsurpassable inamorato, Kee.

Indigo watches the Watchmen. That's who.


*That is to say, the reading, discussing, analysis, study, and creation of comics. She's still quite new to that last one, but she's working on it, and is pretty darn good at all the others!

**Save for motion comics, generally. The way they move…it- it just…isn't natural!

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When the going gets weird, the weird get bored.

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