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Im a lovesick comic author who loves his girfriend more than life itself. I make comics for the hell of it, mostly because its fun to do, and also to service my fans. TFZ on the other hand is specifically for my girlfriend who I call Karm-Karm online. Dont worry, I dont intend on ending TFZ so soon.

Update Schedule:
The Final Zone - Whenever the hell I can

Best Fights of my Life - Never

Digital Life: Around the World - Whenever I get an idea

Ok then…what? Get out, thats all you need to know.

News: Ok, I hope you enjoyed the newest issue. Now, onto a little serious business. This wont affect the status of the comic.

Basically, Kar and I are in a bit of trouble, financially. Were trying to move in with each other by June or July this year. Problem is, were lacking funds. So, if you guys can spare a few dollars, and would like some artwork drawn by Kar, go here and read the details. We are taking commissions.

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The full title is Digital Life: Around the world. This is an RPG style comic in which the characters are players in an online game. Many personas will be out of place since these are not the real versions of the characters, so don't complain.
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Well after a talk, I'm bringing this back

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Shy Guys, Shy Girls, Shy People. One of them decides to renounce the old ways, and a friend comes along for the ride. Bigotry, stereotyping, hatred. This is a daily reality of Nephina Tsung. Life's a journey, not the destination.

A party of a fighter, mage, and rogue sit around, get drunk, launch cows, and kick all ass with amazing photoshop colors. All this and more in Dungeons and Dumbasses, It's DnD exactly like you've seen it before!

Brought to you by the FOX network, it's Feeling Rushed!! Starring Sonimy and Shadow.

We have no need for your 'descriptions'! We see them for what they are! They are just there to steal our souls! Well too bad! You can't have our souls!

The tales of what happens to Megaman and Co. outside of the games.

The webcomic is about Lan and Megaman having to face Shademan again, but this time, theres someone new to help. More Details Later...

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

Various things occur in this... I don't know yet.

The shenanigans of Smash Brother's characters.

A Sonic sprite comic that is 3 years in the making. Join Sonic and his friends as they go on hilarious adventures to strange for the video games. Prepare to enter the insanity that is Sonic & Tails Corner. Please? you know you want to.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

This is seriously Sonic gone bad. Sonic and Eggman try to overcome each other.

What Happens when the covenent and Eggman team up? Two Heroes to work together to stop this new found evil!

Sonic and his friends are forced to fight against crazy robots, inept hunters, mad scientists and supernatural creatures.

Sonic and Halo collide

If you can't tell by the title this is a sprite comic. You need a kick in the ass.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create an interdimensional portal that allows a magi-priest of a dark god into thier world. What happens next? Well you'll need to read and find out.

A funny Sonic comic with fight scenes and hilarious scenes.

A community project based off of sleep deprivation!

A tale how Amy, hocked up with Rouge.


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