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I am a very sporadic person, at any given time I could either A: throw a bag of cheetos at you or B: randomly change subject in the middle of a conversation . I am a geek, a punk, and an artist. I love playing video games, getting drunk in an anime costume, and dancing to techno but at the same time I enjoy pushing others around in a mash pit at a heavy metal concert, sitting outside at two A.M. to admire the moon, or having a debate about whether or not aliens created the earth. I also like learning new things for example Ive been trying to learn Japanese. There are also a few things I feel strongly about. I don’t like simpleminded people. People who are close-minded, or immature are shortsighted and brainless. I prefer to not associate myself with them. I choose to be around people who enjoy life, want to learn more and don’t force their beliefs down others throats. I don’t have a problem with other peoples beliefs, I am not a judgmental person. So please don’t judge me on what I am writing down here, but you are you own person so do as you please. Ive often wondered if I could take over the world with two popsicle sticks, a ball of twine, a twinky, and a bag of jalapeo cheetos. I know I can do it, just you watch.

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