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Hi, my name is Oriru and I am old…
Very perverted and very old.

I like drawing, I am decent at it and I also make comics. I like playing piano and I also like chocolate.

I like drawing hentai but I also make normal stories. Originally I was making a sprite comic but I dunno if I will post it here since there are so many grammatical bugs and its quite old.

Yes, I am a sprite artist as well. XD

Most of my intrest goes in to a hentai anyways. I like reading hentai stories and I like drawing hentai stories. The kind of hentai I prefer is furry and tentacle ones. Dont ask. Its just me, though It doesnt make me a bad person. Does it? I do some of drawing request by this and then.

Kinds of hentai I dont like are Yaoi and Yuri. Including girls with… Yuch… Just something what Is just sick to me.
Sorry girls, I wont draw any of that stuff.

Wanna be friends? Fine by me. Everyones equal to me so heres the deal. You add me and I will add you.
If you need ideas or help then feel free to contact on me in that case as well. I like helping my friends as much as I can and have time. I dont personally hate anyone as long as they dont hate me.

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Concept art and strip for my upcomic comic. Contains adult material.

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A deadly war has errupted and all life is fighting for its own survival. Ryu, fights with the "Dragon Warriors" because they beleive the elimination of the Kaisers was wrong. but Ryu has no idea how strong he really is, and he'll have to learn soon.

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Kenz Lee at 8:14PM, March 19, 2008

Hiya! Just stopping by!

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