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Ok I’m officially using this profile thing:

I’m 25 years old and probably should be focusing on my carrier rather than doing comics.
I have different nicknames trough different sites on the web and all of them starts with the letter V, here in drunk duck I’m viceroy, but I’m also known as the President of Lazyland in real life. My main skills are pretending I can draw and speaking fancy Spanish; and my short term goals are being under the rain and learn some Interlingua.

Now I’ll proceed to write a list of things I like and things I don’t like as if someone cares.

Things I like:

-Good conversations.
-People capable of having their own point of view regarding something.
-Architectural heritage.
-Sleeping (a lot)
-Strategic pc videogames
-Sugar in all their forms

Things that I don’t like:

-Cultural void.
-Boring conversations.(People who talk all the time or people who expect you to talk all the time are the most common causes of this)
-Math (ok, this should be in 1rt place)
-Fanatism (or anything that makes people stop using their brains)
-Crowded and noisy places.
-Warm weather.
-People with an incredibly high self stem.
-Beaches in the summer.
-My neighbors.

well thats pretty much all I want to share about me here.

Feel free to contact me at or just PQ if you want to ask me something or wathever Ill answer its promise

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shino at 2:04PM, July 12, 2008

^w^ hello and i love you!!

chocolate_addict at 1:47AM, July 12, 2008

you are welcome :) and I also thank you for the add ;) Keep up the great work with both of your comics <3

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