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Noa Takahashi is a normal teenage girl. Her parents, however, are crazy! When they decide to bet on who she'll fall in love with at her sixteenth birthday party, everything gets turned topsy-turvy. The race is on! Who will Noa pick? Lots of fun ahead!


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

Mars couldn't believe it when his life long friend and crush asked him out. Naively entering into this relationship, he doesn't realize what is really going on. Can he handle the dark secret he is soon to find out. Oh yeah! Lots of yaoi-ness ensues!

He was supposed to give a gift to the hottest girl in school. But the gift was mistakenly delivered to someone else. The story begins as the girl who received the gift falls in love with him. How will he be able to tell her the truth if she loved him more

May is a normal girl who goes to school everyday and she thinks she has a boring life untill Dean showed up in her class.. May falls in love with dean, but will everything go as she hoped?

Annie McCourt's life is turned upside down when the mysterious Eric Frost appears. Warning: full of ooey-gooey shoujo-style teenage romance. Contains vampires, angst, and angsty vampires. UPDATING AGAIN YAY

Even in a magical world, unexplained phenomena can happen. That's where Eredicus, Aries and their colleagues come in. They explore the paranormal in a world of fantasy, mythical creatures, and strong magic.

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

Apocalypse is to be brought to earth at a time earlier than what is destined. An angel must team up with a human to save earth from a horrible end. The chapters of this manga are about their search for the pure in soul. But it's not that easy.

Linder is the shyest person you'll ever met. But it just so happens that Mark is the most outgoing person you'll ever met, and he loves shy people! ONE-SHOT, YAOI

David has been known to be very grumpy, so has Wasso. Will they ever get along? Or...more?! The sequal to the yaoi WIRES, you do not need to read the first one to have this one make sense! -Nominated for Best Overall Comic of '08 & '09-

!shounen-ai! Zain is your average guy: decent grades, a hot girlfriend, and a job that pays well. Then along comes Colin, a flamboyantly dressed overall nice guy, who just happens to be gay. Thing is, Zain hates gay people. What will become of this?


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Aghammer at 8:15AM, Oct. 30, 2008

Thanks for the add :D I noticed that we follow a lot of the same comics.. you have good taste! ;)

isanohohoemi at 10:21AM, Oct. 16, 2008

aww thank you very much!!^^ no problem! thanks for adding me too! XD

Twilight_of_the_gods at 5:11PM, Oct. 13, 2008

thank you for the add, glad you like my comic ^.^

YuKiKoDeSu07 at 6:56AM, Oct. 9, 2008

Haiyo!! Thank you for the add-o XD :D

Sei at 8:32PM, Oct. 3, 2008

You're welcome and thank you too! For the add and for reading and commenting on my stuff ^^.

Bexie_J at 3:42AM, Oct. 2, 2008

*glomps* thanks a bunch for the friend add ^^ and for leaving me such nice comments on Silent Whispers <3

Gabe Puratekuta at 10:37AM, Sept. 6, 2008

You're welcome [img][/img]

Gabe Puratekuta at 7:17AM, Sept. 5, 2008

Hello ^_^

shino at 4:06PM, Sept. 2, 2008

^w^ i love you *hugs*

Viceroy at 11:00AM, July 11, 2008

thanks for the add and for recommending my comic

pastel at 6:37PM, June 3, 2008

No problem. Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like my stuff!! :D

ryanj241 at 8:43AM, June 3, 2008

hello there. i'm glad you liked my comics. thanks a lot. but don't forget to study! haha! thanks for the add. =D

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