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Hi! I'm a comic maker from Iceland! I live in the northern part of the country at a place called Akureyri. I'm horrible at drawing, so I use Garry's mod to make my comics.

I like to listen to classical rock, light rock, industrial, heavy metal, metal. I don't like death or black metal though, at least I've not heard any such band that I like.

I currently have five Icelandic Sheepdogs, one of which is a puppy. (they were originally five, the puppies, but four are sold)

I play a lot of computer games. I like First Person Shooters and roleplaying games best, but I also play Real time strategy.

I also am a huge DND and WoD nerd. I play both with a group (not the same one though) and I've been trying to drag a few of my friends into the foray, but they show no interest.

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This is a comic that happens in the popular internet first person shooter Counter Strike: Source. It is made by a certain David Civello, I take no credit in it's creation. I am uploading it with permission from him.

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A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy. In spite of the title, this is an ensemble cast- different groups coming together and living their lives and un-lives in Kellwood; both a city where humans dwell, and a realm of magical creatures. Conflict brews where these two Kellwoods overlap. In between the politics of Fae and Demons, the formidable Hunters who protect unwitting humans, and other troubles simmering on the backburner, lies a cabin in the woods where our main cast resides... a crew of misfits and malcontents who have found kinship, friends, or just a reason to hang around.

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

A Garry's Mod comic. Don't know what that is? Come take a look.

Because it sparkles so brilliantly. Comics by Keegan Basset Updates Monday

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