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i know what you are thinking, why does she look so familiar? oh, that is because i played captain clover on the comic Boobs Ahoy! no big deal, happens to me all the time.

seriously though, i have a new comic called Fates Bitch and you should check it out if you like lesbians… romance… voodoo… curses… stuff… but not for the little ones, when i get to the sex… ooooh, there will be sex.

i like my readers like i like my women, 18 and over. :)

other stuff: i live in detroit. i am addicted to yuri. i like zombie movies/video games!!! kareoke. smoking cigarettes. drinking massive amounts of coffee. and i am also a buddhist and i study the dharma obsessively (you figure that one out).

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A place for Yuri/Shoujo-ai sketches, short stories and one-shots. Some based on real life, some on random ideas floating around in my head, but all lesbionic! [yuri, shoujo-ai, drama, comedy, cute, love, glbt]
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A typical lesbian love story... that also deals with voodoo, reincarnation, curses and all takes place in the Big Easy! maybe it's not so typical? [Yuri, Shoujo-ai, Romance, Drama, Cute, Love]

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Boobs Ahoy! centers mainly around two carefree lesbian pirates out to do nothing more than sleep with as many women as possible and have a good time. Pirates, Lesbian, Yuri, Nerdy Humor.

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)

Marylin has a fun job, and her job is Death. Follow her as she goes and makes a name for herself, wielding her cruel scissors of Death. Who can stand in the way of this murderous princess of Death?

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The Satoshi at 4:24PM, Jan. 29, 2010

So true... But if you print anything in color it always is going to be more expensive than black and white when it comes to publishing of course! Well The thing is that... I'm totally broke X_____x ... So I am using a self publishing site this also means that I have to put up the copy right info, put in the proper margins and all that fun stuff and that if I want an editor I'm on my own... but aside from that it is pretty awsome I set up all the pages they get it all put together and they print it soon as it is ordered and ship it out. Got my ISBN code and everythig ^^ The site gets 20% of the royalties but that's not too bad.

The Satoshi at 12:18AM, Jan. 28, 2010

But that is just one estimate and the price per book goes down if you mass produce and what not...

The Satoshi at 12:13AM, Jan. 28, 2010

Well if you are publishing you always want to make your art at least 300 dpi for printer quality but for the best quality you want 600 dpi of course the more dpi the bigger the document ^^; So I personaly use 300 dpi. I was planing on puplishing in US Letter size witch is 8.5" by 11" but I found that it'd be cheaper to print it in Comic book size that and it is the same size as the HellBoy comic books which is 6.625" by 10.25" Of course you also want to leave atleast .625" for the binding and .5" all so the comic isn't bleeding off the page along with not wanting the old pages too long looking I thought that 7.5" by 11" would be the best size to draw with from now on ^^ sense it is a close raito to the size it will be in the comic book once it is fited to the page if that all makes sense! But I am seriously happy that my pages are in black and white otherwise the cost per page is 10 times what it is in color the estimate for how much it would cost just to make it alone if it was in color would be at least $37 a book! @~@

DreamDutchess at 1:46PM, Jan. 4, 2010

Yeah I was going to look at CCS and Amber wants to check out Madonna University... apparently it is a Christian college but it is the only one around that offers a bachelors in ASL interpreters and that's what she wants to get into.

DreamDutchess at 6:05PM, Jan. 3, 2010

I'm hoping to go out there sometime to check out the Creative Studies school and their animation program cuz I'm not impressed with Ferris and I'm hearing that Kendall is pretty much the same since they were bought out by Ferris. I want to go somewhere that actually is going to challenge me. So yeah... I might try to make it out there during spring break or so.

DreamDutchess at 12:51PM, Dec. 27, 2009

So you still coming up this way?

DreamDutchess at 5:11PM, Dec. 9, 2009

Dude.. check this out: it's the animation/ storybook I did for my midterm. The actual animation aspect is not as great as I'd like but it was graded on the coding and interactions more then looking pretty. I just figured I'd show you cuz you might like it. :)

The Satoshi at 1:55PM, Dec. 2, 2009

Oh she is cute!! ^^ Well in the older X-men cartoons her voice is a bit too southern Texas she sounds like an annoying cowgirl >P

The Satoshi at 1:27PM, Dec. 2, 2009

Wait which X-men? The Movie X-men? The old cartoon X-men? Wolveriene and the X-men? Or is it X-Men Evolution? There is alot of X-men! Cause I think Rogue is hot though I don't like the Texas accent...

The Satoshi at 3:08PM, Oct. 31, 2009


The Satoshi at 3:02PM, Oct. 31, 2009

Ohhhhh yeah! I luv salt and vinegar chips!! you and I would get along beautifully ^^

The Satoshi at 4:24PM, Oct. 1, 2009

I don't know why it is an honor but I'll take complaments where I can get them ^^ AWSOME! Page a week! XD I'm doing a page a week as well. I use to do two pages a week but I feel behind and with my computer friend I'm barley making a page a week -____-; I guess I'll have to wait and see then *pout* REALLY!? How long have you been working on this storyline!? Wonderfalls?! That is the propper name right? I might want to look this up o.o

The Satoshi at 12:17PM, Oct. 1, 2009

Thank you for adding me! Are you going to be putting up more pages of your comic soon!? o.o So does Miss Lily Never been married and does she have precognition? I think the name of your comic is hilarious!! XD

DreamDutchess at 12:22PM, Sept. 20, 2009

So... you know that I was thinkin' about today... YOUR MOM! XD

DreamDutchess at 7:43PM, Feb. 28, 2008

When are you thinking of coming up to GR? We need to hang out so I can tell you what I have in mind for BA.

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