page 19 - from Kroatz

ayesinback on May 24, 2012

Kroatz concludes our radio play comic with a double-page magnificence.  He was one of the first artists who chose a page, and he wanted to do the finale.  Makes me wonder if there was an immediate inspiration, with this specific style in mind, or if he just likes to wrap things up.
Either way, I love it.  Thank you, Kroatz!
And thank you, EVERYBODY!  
I'm so grateful for each contribution, all unique art styles, that have demonstrated how individual viewpoints can add to the development of the tale and to each character.  It's been a fantastic ride!
And speaking of the ride – one more deserved thank you to Gunwallace, who provided the roadmap.  Here are the comments his script earned before the artwork begun:
gullas at 5:26AM, March 9, 2012
oh, this will be fun!
NickyP at 4:51PM, March 8, 2012
Ooh, this'll be real fun!
Banes at 7:43AM, March 8, 2012
Great job! Congrats, gw! This is gonna be fun!
bravo1102 at 10:40PM, March 7, 2012
rmccool at 1:37PM, March 7, 2012