Distractive Behavior

Amelius on April 5, 2008

For all he knows she may just want him for the blood, can't be too careful with those vampire girls. What's this stuff Emma is saying about pureness and being the First? Well…probably just that. But it'll get elaborated upon later….

I still feel pretty sick (coughing but it doesn't seem to be a real cold) but Nick's taking pretty good care of me, he says I should get some rest. I can't sleep good when I got finishing a comic on my mind though! Originally I was working on a digital page but it was running long and we had to go out of town to visit his parents (and do laundry, we haven't a washing machine or dryer here and not enough money for the laundromat with all the bills & stuff)
I'm not sure when I'll update the next page now that I messed up the schedule, so it'll probably be later in the week unless I miraculously get more than one done this week…I have no idea why they take so long to do these days. Oh wait i know: I am getting picky!
Anyway, I'm gonna take his advice and get some sleep now.
By the way, regarding my husband and the thing about Night School that was in the forum: It was an April Fool's joke, he didn't steal anyone's character. He's really a wonderful guy, despite the word “Evil” being in his name. Of course my pen name is Greek for negligent so you can't really take those at face value, right right?
I really need some sleep though, my reflexes are off and today I stabbed my chin with a mechanical pencil.(I was fumbling with stuff that was falling out of my lap when I was coloring) Not badly, just enough that it's irritating me right now!