Chapter 1, Page 47

alschroeder on March 7, 2011

Today's update is by me… Hoodoo takes on Chant and gets pwned! This page is, for me, a great example of how working in a group can improve the quality of the final product. My usual production process is to do a rough draft of a page and put it to the Crossoverkill guys for feedback and comment. The gag of the Paradise LOST dude becoming distracted by Hoodoo was not in the original draft, although the “ooo!” in panel 3 was - Essaybee made a comment about dudes at Prog Metal concerts checking out the few women there and so I developed the concept further. Energize was in the final panel of the draft but Essaybee pointed out quite rightly he was still up in the rigging dealing out some justice so I replaced him with X-pletive - I can't believe I was going to leave X-pletive out of my one and only Fusion page! Also, I originally wrote Chant's obliteration spell in Latin but Al suggested a typeface like that found in Chant's home universe of the Traveling Gnome… so I obliged - however just to show he means business Chant's text is red and backwards!

As you can see, Chant has a skeletor hand, this a specific trait for him designed by Al - it is significant but I might let Al discuss that if and when it suits him. I will say though that I learned some interesting things about the anatomy of the human hand from working on this page!

The spell spotters amongst you will note that Hoodoo is using a “norn hex” to deflect the energy blast (last demonstrated on page 1.27)…

And just quickly, some shameless self-promotion… Monday March 7th was Magellan's seventh birthday! WOOT! You may also be interested to know that Magellan now has a theme song… please check it out!

New page by Essaybee on Thursday… remember that bomb?? It's about to go BOOM!!