Culture Shock: The Game

Hawk on Sept. 28, 2010

Download the game here:
Culture Shock: The Game v1.0 - 13.7mb
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Just unzip the contents of the zip file into a directory of your choice and run cs.exe! As long as all the files are there, it should work. Press F1 for game instructions and controls.

(1) - 1 player
(2) - 2 players
(3) - Insert Credit
(P) - Pause

Player 1
(WASD)-Movement (N)-Jump (M)-Punch

Player 2
(Up, Down, Left, Right)-Movement
(Keypad 0) - Jump
(Keypad .) - Punch

Finally the time has come to show you something I've been working on! Culture Shock: The Game is a throwback to the golden age of arcades. It's like a mix between Donkey Kong and Shao-Lin's Road. It's challenging in the classic “arcade-hard” sort of way, but hopefully it's fun for you too! And you have unlimited quarters.

If you run into any bugs, please tell me about them in The Culture Shock Forum. I'm also interested in hearing about your high scores (press F9 to take screenshots). Have fun, and remember that there is some interesting bonus content you can unlock if you score high enough.

Answers to some questions:
- How do you progress through the levels
Defeat all of the thugs. Or, if there's a boss, defeat the boss.
- How do I defeat Mitch in the Construction level?
You can't reach him, so try getting somebody to defeat him for you.
- Is that Jesus in the picture with the American flag tie?
No, it's Billy Mitchell. And he's trying to get to the kill screen.
- Is there a Mac version?
Sorry, no. But try to take comfort in the thought that Justin Long is enjoying a blossoming movie career.