Aussie_kid on June 3, 2008

Welcome to the end. And before anyone asks, no, there will not be an Enter the Duck 4.

With this page, I tried my best to wrap up all the loose ends and explain the previous page a little more. But, there are a few things that didn't make sense or were put in the story and now seem worthless because, as I said a little earlier, the story has actually ended incomplete. So, I will now fill you in on what was supposed to happen.

In sprite world, with just under two hours to go through the portal, Aussie sets up a beacon so that most of the virus attacks him. However, this only has an effect on the most base drones. Twin gets attacked by a new Morph and Drazi meets a new Piece. During the fighting, Kagomas wonders where Krisikas and Destined_Light have gotten to. Chapter nine would then end with Twin defeating Morph and barely making it through the portal, before it shuts off. Drazi and Piece, however, at still locked in combat and both die with Sprite World's destruction.

Not knowing Drazi is still in Sprite World, Aussie and Eternity don't make it through the portal in time and use Eternity's teleportation abilities to end up at the place they were in during the prologue. The admin detect a piece of virus, which is Aussie, and teleport to where Aussie and Eternity are, firing without looking. Eternity dies and the admin realise how Aussie got his powers to hack into the site in the first place. Aussie then shows off his true potential by taking off his glasses and from out of his eyes, a dragon of pure light is summoned. The admin teleport away and Aussie takes Eternity's gun and fires a trench to bury her in.

Meanwhile, all the remaining authors have gathered to discuss how to rebuild the site, when the creator shows them the scene I just mentioned, but without the sound. This gains some mixed reactions from the crowd and a war erupts. Some supporting the Creator and others sticking with Volte and the other admin. Aussie disappears for a while.

The war escalates, until a decision is reached. One final battle between both sides. They arrive and line up, with a few miles of no man's land between them. Just before they charge though, from the centre of no man's land sprouts a whole new form of virus, which attacks everyone. Aussie appears and this giant form of the new virus comes at him. He summons the dragon thing again, but it isn't powerful enough, until Ronson smashes one of the giant's legs.

The virus retreats and the admin make a temporary truce with Aussie, while the supporters of the Creator apologise to the admins when it's discovered the Creator was responsible for the virus and Aussie is a part of the virus. Volte then reveals a code he had been working on and needs to get to the central temple (Where Aussie went to resurrect the admin) to unlock it.

Everyone is transported to the temple and they find the virus is there. A full scale battle erupts and it is discovered that only the original virus can enter the temple, due to a firewall created by the Creator. Aussie takes the program and enters the temple, while Volte takes on the Creator in a climatic battle in the clouds. Then, the Creator reveals that all the virus particles are merely the fallen authors, who have been reprogrammed. Many of the authors are unable to hurt the virus drones and the ones that do become overwhelmed.

Within the temple, Aussie reaches the point where he needs to enter the code and is one symbol away from erasing the virus, when V attacks him. The two fight until Aussie manages to enter the last piece of code. The program starts and the virus, along with Aussie, V and the Creator, all die. The site is then rebuilt and everyone lives happily ever after.

Why did Aussie have to die? See, as soon as I wrote those last few pages of the first Enter the Duck, I knew that I was in no way a hacker. Therefore, Aussie would have needed help. I could only think of one answer, and that was that he was the first person Dexter Bipley approached to take over drunkduck.com but then Aussie doublecrossed Bipley, took the power and then did as he pleased. That's what happened, and then Aussie spent most of the series being punished for it.

And that's the moral of this story. What goes around, comes around. I hope you have enjoyed this little tale. And on Friday, I'll give you the credits (No flash this time though. Sorry)

Until next time
The Aussie Kid