Chapter 22.3.644

LanceDanger on Aug. 3, 2015

Two updates in a row! Yay! So, I've decided that while I get my bearings, I'm updating Warlord once a week, Mondays. Hopefully that will help avoid long periods of not updating while at the same time help me ease into the grind again. Once I get other projects done, I'll slowly bump it up to 3 times a week again. Also, tomorrow is Warlord's Drunk Duck birthday! 9 years old :) Next week is my birthday, actually.
Anywho, we see a little bit of insight towards Donna's inner workings :3 And suddenly, a wild Marylin appears! I had fun with this page.
Also, I've revived my YouTube channel, check it out if you'd like, doing some behind the scenes stuff as well as the regular trailers for the previous chapters and my other webcomics, as well as future stuff.
See you all here next week!
Darkace: Thank you :)
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