Chapter 22.6.647

LanceDanger on May 27, 2016

Aaaand Donna hits below the belt, all though that's something that wouldn't matter to most people, Marylin is not most people XD Happy that this week I updated on time, kind of drained that last week I went to the funeral of a friend and on Wednesday another friend of mine passed away after a long battle with cancer. It's been hard, but, only thing that can be done is keep pushing forward.

In lighter news over at my school two pieces I did got selected for the student gallery exhibit! You can check out the pictures at my facebook art page: Your text to link here… Give the page a like while you're at it :) Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

usedbooks- Some still hasn't forgiven her for her shot at Cheryl lol
ghostrunner- Leeeeet's get ready to rrruuuuuummbllleeee!!!!