Chapter 22.2.643

LanceDanger on July 27, 2015

I'm baaaaack! For how long I wonder? Hmmmmm…..Updating this live because I was doing it for a while on automatic, but was told that the notification was not popping up when it would update, so here I go! =3
On this page I actually deleted a scene. It was playing up to the cliche of injured person says name of someone other than the friend that is in the hospital with them. The doctors from the opening of the previous chapter were making a bet, after evesdropping on Rolando's confession, on weather or not she was actually awake when he said it, or if she would mumble another person's name. But cut it at the last miniute because it would interrupt the flow of the story. Also, it was fun having Donna and Felicidad comment on stuff that has happened in previous chapters.
In any event, here we go and after seeing the April 1st update, now I'm hungry and iot's 3:11 am here in NY, so I guess months later, the joke was on me XD
Warpedwenger: And still with consequences!
Peipei: I think everybody already expects this of me by now lol!
ghostrunner: =)
Usedbooks: I would read that, actually!