Frogman on Oct. 11, 2008

This message is mostly copied and pasted from my most recent Ultimate X update.

Hey guys. Man it's been a while. Sorry about that. I went from having zero jobs to having 2. In the space of one week! One was just a freelance animation gig, which I've just about finished now. The other is doing some TAFE teaching, which is really awesome. There's only 5 weeks left of that though until SUMMER HOLIDAYS! WOOOOOO!

(And now for the not pasted stuff)

This page has been on my computer for aaaaaaaages. It was drawn three months ago or whenever my last update was. I just hadn't managed to colour it until today. With things slowing down employment-wise for a little while, I'm gunna try get back into this. Not sure when the next update will be, but it won't take as long as this one. That was just ridiculous and I apologise to everyone who didn't un-favourite me during the wait.

And now a bit about this page…

So just to recap, those guys have stolen a serum from the lab where our title hero's father works. Now they are running because the cops have arrived. Also, you could go back and read it all again if you want even more of a recap…

Like with my other pages, I researched a bit for this one. The equipment the cops are using is the real deal. I think that's a Smith and Weston pistol, but I can't remember. They're actually outdated now and cops are SUPPOSED to be getting new awesomer guns, but since this is still set in 2007, they're stuck with the old shit.

I actually think the police (mostly) do a good job. This is not a good representation of Victoria Police, but it had to happen to fit my story. If any police are reading, I don't hate you, please don't arrest me.