#005: Return to The Lost Land/The Lost Land pt. 2 1/2

Kendell on Oct. 29, 2008

Woot! Two beautiful updates in one day. Please comment on page 4 first please. I've got a bad case of the “Typo Fever”. I keep messing up, but I'll recover soon enough. Also you may find the Lost Land arc boring, and bland right now, but I've got a little twist I'm going to add, soon enough. And please, I know how much you guys just love to flame me, but refrain from flaming me for updating twice a day. Don't like it, get used to it. I don't see you guys yelling at icons like Akuma Th for double updates, so to you haters, STFU! Thanks for reading, and please comment. It helps keep the author inspired, and it feels good knowing people care enough to spend 5 seconds to say, “nice”, or “could use work”. Don't just show up at my page, read, and go away. “Pwetty Pwease?!” *Shot*