Keep cool!

PaulEberhartd on Sept. 3, 2014

I thought I was done having to apologise for my slowness all the time, but sorry for the long wait.
For some reason I quite underestimated the amount of drawing the new page would take. You'll see what I mean when it'll be online, eventually. Never happened to me before - I normally have a very clear idea about what a page and its panels will look like when I set about to drawing them. That I still haven't got a proper working space at the place I live didn't help matters (No table would fit in so I use a chest of drawers instead), nor did the faulty fire alarm, that kept going off all the time for no good reason. My neighbours and I had to pry open a door, and take out the fuse for a while for things to get back to normal again, and I still suspect that before resetting it the detector was set to “Paul tries to draw a comic” instead of the more mundane “Smoke” or “Heat”.
Anyway, as of now, I've got the pencils more or less finished, and since I usually do my pencils in relatively great detail, inking usually takes less time. Hopefully. Good thing I haven't set up an official schedule so far - guess I instinctively knew why.
In the meantime, to make the wait a bit more bearable, here is a doodle I did exclusively in coloured pencil a few months ago, just to see if I still don't like what coloured pencil paintings look like on the screen.
In the other news: Gunwallace ( ) recorded an amazing theme tune for Master the Tiger in Quackcast No. 182. I enjoyed listening to it a great deal, so be sure to check it out:
Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a nice rest of the week!