Tube Snake Boogie

PaulEberhartd on July 29, 2014

This is the first page I drew and finished in the UK. I thought, now that I'm in a country famous for its gardens, I might as well let it inspire me. ;)
Special thanks to the public library in Gloucester for providing a scanner for free. It's of course old, dirty, troublesome and slow, as computer stuff open to the public generally becomes very soon, but it does its job. If I ever get a comic into print I'll have to remember to donate a couple of volumes to them.
Getting the files home was a small adventure too. The cranky library computer didn't let me remove my USB stick, until I lost my patience and just pulled it out. In my experience it doesn't matter anyway - at least so I thought. However, my own computer told me the stick was damaged, couldn't be read, and would have to be formatted. Good thing I've got one or two gadgets from an acquaintance of my father's, in this case a programme called “Recuva” by Pirisoft, which can restore deleted files. After formatting the stick I ran it and was able to recover my scans. So big thanks to whoever wrote it, too.
Incidentally, I'm well aware of what this ZZ Top song I used as a title caption really refers to, but I like both the idea and the song so much I couldn't resist… Wot? So this thing is a hose in British English? Well, sod it! xD
Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a nice week!