How to Get Attention

PaulEberhartd on Aug. 13, 2014

Looks like Tiger taught himself a new trick. ;)
The topic of this (and the next page) may seem somewhat familiar to long-term readers of this comic, but it is indeed sort of a setup for the upcoming storyline, which is new. I originally had tis sequence in mind as a countdown instead of posting the character sheets, but since it wasn't finished and I did want to get on with it I thought better of it, so in some ways it could be seen as a  case of “waste not, want not” as well ;), but it'll soon be more than that. You can trust me on this.
Many years ago I visited a good friend of the family who used to live together with at least half a dozen cats. They had the habit of going up to his attic and playing football with some old cooking gear there, which sounded downstairs as if there had been a bear on a rampage. So cats are silent creatures? Generally yes, perhaps, BUT…
Our own cat is not above making quite disconcerting noises in odd corners either, using an astonishing variety of props. As if we'd ever forget feeding her! I guess it's just their little way of making sure, and I've always wondered what they'd come up with if they had a tiger's strength to do it. Honestly, I'll wager it'd be something like this.
Have a nice week, and thanks for reading and commenting! :)