Tiger's taking a nap - but we'll be back!

PaulEberhartd on Jan. 19, 2014

I don't really know where to start now, but… oh well! let's just get it over with:
I regret having to announce that Master the Tiger will take a break until mid- to late February.
Probably, I should rather say, it's going to extend its break until then, as I haven't updated or said anything since New Year's Eve, and I'm terribly sorry about that too.
On the other hand, I know this year will just have to be great, since all the catastrophes have already happened by now. I sincerely hope so at any rate. *groan*
First of all, our cat, Indy (see photo), appeared to be seriously injured or ill. Nobody knows exactly what ailed her but she couldn't walk properly and seemed to be in great pain. And as she's 15 1/2 years old now, this kind of thing tends to be serious. As readers of my comics you can probably tell that my parents and me were rather worried, and consequently I just wasn't in any proper mood to draw funny tiger comics during that time. Well, the vet found out it wasn't that serious after all and it seems Indy has more or less recovered now, but immediately afterwards my computer crashed, fatally so I'm afraid.
I could borrow my father's to type this message, but it will be a while until I will have reinstalled everything (especially my scanner, the fonts I use for the comic and relevant stuff), and even longer until it works again. This bloody thing has refused my ministration so far. I'm making headway only slowly and even had to ask an expert to help me.
Now, I certainly don't think it'll take until late February to get this bugger running again, but seeing that my updates have become slower and slower in the last few months, and that trying to rush it slowed me down even more (I just end up having to draw panels twice if I do) I've decided to use this enforced break to do all those little things I wanted to do for years, like e.g. character sheets for new readers, banners, extra artwork you name it) but haven't got around to doing because regular updates always first, oh right, and most of all to try and build up some kind of buffer. My plan is to come back at the end of February with a very special 200th page in full colour that is already in progress (Yep! The “Happy New Year” cartoon is #199 already).
See you soon!