Page 29: Introductions

Triss on July 2, 2007

Serious auto update. I'll at the beach as you read this, hopefully enjoying myself very much.

Plot: Hello, new character. Dramatic coloration and lots of tattoos… can't say it gets much better than this. She's really a lot of fun, this one.

Art: Meticulously shaded, but the lineart could stand some improvement. On the plus side, this is a multi-layer coloring, with grouping and locking opacity and all of those nice photoshop things. I really like drawing the new character… I have about 20 concept sketches of her floating about.

Comic: New story coming up! I was getting bored of drawing the same old crowd, but this new gel should liven things up a bit.

Coming Up Next: Exposition. Blarg. And a wider shot of our new friend here.