Oz Stars Hero Machine concepts

AzuJOD on April 22, 2010

I figured I should show you some of the other Oz Stars, otherwise this will become “The Azumorph Show!” So here's a brief description of the heroes shown here that I made using The Hero Machine.

Brightlight (Charlie Bright) is the daughter of two superheroes and the granddaughter of another. She has light based powers and flight.

KMH (Katie Henderson) is a friend of Azumorph's from his Chango Presto days who has super speed. (I haven't quite decided on a costume for her yet)

Marker (Marcus Hubbard) is a non-powered hero who uses “trick” paintballs (sort of like Green Arrow and his trick arrows) as well as other gadgets (like a grappling hook under his sleeve) He is also HUB's younger brother.

These characters are not the only other members of Oz Stars, there's a few other not shown here. If anyone wants to re-interpret (read: draw them better ‘cause I can’t) feel free to do so.