Oz Stars Hero Machine concepts II

AzuJOD on April 23, 2010

EDIT: There we are, fixed now.

Here we are, more Hero Machine concepts.

First up, we Valeria Von Stranj. She is 140-something year old lesbian vampire from Romania, who has currently decided to live in Australia, mainly because she's been everywhere else. She's endured a lot of prejudice over the years, but now has no secrets about who she is. I figure she's a different species of vampire to the ones seen in Fearless

Next, we have Ms Lightning. She is Brightlight's mother, and was a superhero in the 70s and 80s. She has since (semi-)retired. (I haven't picked a real name for her yet, anyone got an idea? Her last name would obviously be “Bright”)

Next, there's some blue guy. Maybe you've heard of him :p

This next one is a villain, which shows you that the Hero Machine can be used to make villains. She is Morgane, The Zombie Queen. She is an undead necromancer from Haiti who uses her Hoodoo magic (it's not called Voodoo, look it up) to reanimate the dead. She has an utter disdain for all life.

This last guy is one of the minions of the main villain of the Oz-Stars called JOD. you can find his (non Hero Machine) concept somewhere in the Heroes Alliance forum.