Skelleton Knight

mooglessaykupo on Jan. 5, 2009

HUZZAH after a week with my internet not working and my editing system gone I GOT THEM FIXED of course I have to thank my little brother for storing my sprites untill my computer got fixed.

Anyway this guys name is Zombor (after that skelleton guy from Chrono Trigger) He IS undead hence the green skin any white looking stuff is a shade of off-white not the same shade though.This guys muscles are still in tact but not much of his brain but yet he is still as smartas normal humans. Only a Black mage, Dark blue mage, or necromancer can understand what he says due to the speech part of his brain is damaged he usualy speaks in old mage tounges or groans. I am not deciding his personality though

Tomarrow evening the Necromancer sprites will be posted (FF5 and FF1/3 versions)
and the ONE person who these were made for can use them after that tese are going into my comic files