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Theskunktrainer on Dec. 5, 2009

hearts hearts!

Anyhow to continue that panel, I was so suprised in that class at a lot of things. But like… slave owners only gained 2% (I think? unless it was 4) more than people who used paid labor. If you think about it, it makes sense- while their labor is unpaid, what does that money normally go towards? Food, shelter, clothing… all things they would still need to at least a minimum extent. And they had to be kept minimally healthy otherwise they would cease to be profitable.
Also, slaves were NOT cheap! I was amazed to discover the average price was several thousand dollars- I think it was 30 thousand. Per slave! A thousand dollars is a lot of money NOW- can you imagine how much that would have been back in the day where a few pennies bought you a barrel of candy or something??
So yeah, slavery wasn't actually THAT profitable, at least not as we commonly think it to be.

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