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KimLuster on March 1, 2014

I've personally witnessed a years-long grudge forgiven this fast.  Standing there, jaws-dropped, wondering how, if things can be forgiven that easily, why were they held on to so long?  But really, sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective.  Lots of things can provide that: Near Death Experience or passing of someone else, military boot camps, religious experiences, or maybe just a realization there's more to reality that you thought.
Whatever happened in Socorro's head, it seems to have gone to her heart, much to Kimber Lee's relief.  But that last panel…?  And Sugar…?  If you have small children, and you try to stop saying certain words around them, a certain tactic is to instantly swith to another word that begins the same way.  It works, but sometimes that becomes a habit itself, drawing bemused looks from everyone.
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