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iagojester at 6:07AM, Feb. 20, 2007
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Doooood, there are an inordinate amount of teachers/ teacher-related people in the webcomic industry. Maybe we're all subcinciously trying to teach people something. I know I am. ^_^

I'm an English teacher out here in Japan-land. It's a sweet job as long as you avoid being type-casted as one of those scary “I like manga and anime and catgirls OMG” people. I have to keep my comicing hobbies on the down-low or else I'll be banned from the very small foreigner population out here. Other than that I get to see my middle school, and sometimes elementary school students outdraw me on a daily basis. I love this job.

~*~Fated Feather~*~
Pirates, art history, and time travel- things could get messy.
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Darwin at 6:32AM, Feb. 20, 2007
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It gets rough at times, chief! That's why I joined up with the NAVSEA folks so I could at least be doing something for the navy besides keeping my teeth clean! If it weren't for the 2 week ATs we pull, I'd probably go nuts. I'll be doing my 2 weeks this year up in D.C. doing a 2nd class leadership school. Next year though, I'm going to try to get a ride on Fleet Week.
Haze Gray and Underway!! Man, I haven't heard that in a while! What kind of ship?

Ack, don't call me Chief unless your workin' for me! LOL!('perciate the courtesy, but that's too formal for here! Just call me Darwin or Denise, that's fine!)

Fleet week is a hell of an opportunity if you can get it. Jump all over it if you can.

I get to go sail on that big gray flat top, floating city lookin' thing…I think they call it an aircraft carrier…LOL! (It'll be my third actual cruise in 18 years…I'm beginning to see how lucky I was to avoid it in my early career!) At least I'm not ships company…I don't think I have what it takes to live on that thing most of my tour. 6-9 months is bad enough at a shot.

With any divine intervention and luck this will be my last cruise, and I will be able to pursue my teaching credential and my writing career (pipe dream maybe but it is all mine!). My ultimate goal is to be published with a big company like Tor or Bantam.

Anyway good luck to you…beyond the reserves what are you working at?

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Enef at 7:00AM, Feb. 20, 2007
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I used to work at a Screen Printing company in my city until i moved, i'm currently out of work looking for something new.

Tip: Never, ever, ever, work for a Screen Printers unless you are trained to Screen Print.

You will be made into the BITCH.

Screen WASHING is nothing to laugh it, that shit is hard work, the screens are at least as big as you and three times as wide, and those are the small ones, the largest screen i cleaned took me and another employee working together, and if those things aren't spotless for the next round of printing you get it sent back and you have to do it again, long days of working ankle deep in a mixture of dangerous to touch chemicals.

I only worked there for about three months and i had breathing problems for a while after leaving, that's how bad the chemicals were, the guys were cool though, we all played PSP at dinner and we had parties at weekends, fun times.

(Info on screen printing for anyone interested: )
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fern at 8:16PM, March 1, 2007
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i point out people's flaws… but don't get paid for it.

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Radmetalmonk at 1:43PM, March 2, 2007
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I finally got a new job, night shift at Mickey D's. Lemme tell you, they get a bum rap. Best job I've ever had, pay is better than all these places I went to (Pretty ironic, they said “yeah, you won't be making THIS much at mcdonalds!” well fuckers, I am!). It's like closing the store down for 8 hours, which only takes 2 hours. Smoke all you want on the clock, free food on the clock, bring some tunes in and chill. It's damn rad.

Man, no one here has fast food jobs? Brutal XD Oh well, I live in kansas…what can you expect? It's got the worst job market in the whole usa.
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NotBob at 3:30PM, March 2, 2007
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Toys R Us employee. If nothing else it's given me the strength to not punch people in the back of the head when they're being a stupid asshole, which, it turns out, is quite often.
Jeez, I used to be one of them about twenty years ago! Is it still that bad?

I'm now a Civil Servant. One of the ones that Winston Churchill said were neither civil nor servants! I may not be one for very much longer. That's the bit I hate, the uncertainty. one of my coleagues just got laid off and the first he knew of it was when he opened a letter addressed to him. I've put in almost half my life to my job, and now they're threatening me with that kind of treatment. And as for the two year wrangling over our last pay rise… If I didn't love being a graphics officer so much I'd be out of that door before you could say Directorate of the General Staff.
Where does reason stop and killing just take over?
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JillyFoo at 8:17PM, March 18, 2007
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Full time student. Part time babysitter. Also work during the summer at the local pool. (Doing most of the jobs other than the life guard.)
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Alexis at 10:03PM, March 18, 2007
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This is where I work.
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subcultured at 10:04PM, March 18, 2007
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a haunted house?
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Alexis at 11:21PM, March 18, 2007
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a haunted house?

I wish. It's the basement of the Drafthouse, a movie theatre/bar/resteraunt. The theatre was built around 1939 and a lot of it hasn't really been updated since then. There's also a room with a giant exposed fan blade in it.
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usedbooks at 7:26AM, March 19, 2007
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I'm a graduate student and teaching assistant. I teach Cell Biology labs and tutor in Cell Biology.
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Chelano at 10:42AM, March 19, 2007
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I am a jewelry dealer
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bongotezz at 11:57AM, March 22, 2007
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i do database support for 250 domestic and international HIV research labs. it's fun…. well, not really.
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TheTopHat at 12:22PM, March 22, 2007
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Full time student. 4days. I on a visul art couse and as fun as it is cause i get to sit about and paint it takes up a lot of time and more inproenty money.

So the realy job.

Booky. 3days. i sit about drink coffie places poeple beats, taranslet poeples horried handwrittings and put up with the rudes cutomers. Its so better then my last job.

Between this and other suff i dont have a lot of free time.
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Kota at 8:00PM, March 22, 2007
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Retail management for a Rose's Discount Store. Started out cleaning the toilets, now I run the stock room with an eye on salaried managment in the next few month.

But I'd rather be a professional comic artist.
Kota Otan
“If Jeff Bridges is stupid enough to do this, I'M stupid enough to do this!”
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rococo at 4:02AM, March 23, 2007
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Full-time animation student. *yawn*

Being an art student at a university with really early exams that I don't have to take means that I have exactly one week and 4.5 hours of classes left until October, though. So I'll be looking for a job pretty soon. Probably either call-center work or charity sign-ups. (Something that I can keep my hair blue for! :D)
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Todd Livingston at 11:12AM, March 24, 2007
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It's no big secret that I'm a television producer & screenwriter/director as well as graphic novelist. But I want to thank Darwin and Roguehill for the job that they're doing.
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Jason Embury at 8:20AM, March 26, 2007
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I color DJ Coffmans Hero By Night here on DD. and not surprisingly, I'm a comic book colorist. Although I have branched out into digital painting in the last few months, and doing some RPG card art for Fantasy Flight Games.
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Roguehill at 7:22AM, March 27, 2007
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Todd Livingston
It's no big secret that I'm a television producer & screenwriter/director as well as graphic novelist. But I want to thank Darwin and Roguehill for the job that they're doing.

Many thanks, Todd. It's an honor to serve.

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Tyrapendragon at 12:12PM, March 27, 2007
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I'm a book buyer at I work with Small Publisher Sourcing, which includes non-publishing entities like The American Society of Heating Refrigration. I also am working on a novel which I hope to get published sometime soon.

I would like to go back to school and get my Masters and a Teaching certificate at some point.
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rainingbells at 7:47PM, March 27, 2007
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Print monkey.

Not quite a copy jockey but I don't feel right calling myself a pressman, out of respect for the people who have been doing traditional press work for decades (or have poured blood into their machines, like the guy in my pressroom who was degloved a few years back). I run a “digital press” - which is about the size of a moving van and bit of a cross between a color copier and a traditional press - at an 80+ year old print house. Do a little bit of prepress work as well.

Previously overnight stock crew chief.
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celrena at 3:20AM, March 28, 2007
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I work thirdshift as a Technical Support Representative for an ISP company…. Please.. help… me…escape… JK JK!!

The thirdshift part is the whole reason I have time to create a webcomic.. Though I don't have Photoshop on my work computer. So I can't edit pages at work but I get to doodle and draw the layout for comics page at work :)
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Mistchiff at 4:39AM, March 28, 2007
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i work or wont be working there anymore until friday thank god..

in a warehouse sending out books to stores in boxes and various other logistic things.

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_CJR_ at 7:47AM, March 28, 2007
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I'm an under appreciated busboy at my local hot shot yet slowly bankrupting Golf Club. Though sometimes it feels like a retirement home. No amount of raising minimum wage can take the horror out of a hunched 80 year old woman asking you for a cushion for her frail butt…
If you catch me slacking…kick me.
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OutlawHero at 3:24PM, March 28, 2007
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I just work Gamestop.
I have two sides of my soul. Eternal Light, a soul of a kind angel and Eternal Darkness, a demon of Terror, Destruction, Chaos and Death.
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LadyNightshade at 6:37PM, March 28, 2007
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I work at the public library.
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angryhelper13 at 7:57PM, April 3, 2007
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buisness management, i manage a finance company amoung other ventures
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Raffaele_Ienco at 1:48PM, April 4, 2007
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me? -video game industry as a 3D game environment artist and concept artist
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