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Mafia III: Revenge of the Godfather Sign Ups
Niccea at 4:20PM, Feb. 28, 2009
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Sign Up CLOSED! ROles and game coming out.
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Vakanai at 7:13PM, Feb. 28, 2009
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Vak I really want to answer the points raised in your…… last post….. but….


……sorry I just dozed off again thinking about it.

Vak your speach gave a point by point break down of why, with you as mayor, the citizens will sleep soundly in their beds….
And soundly in the streets….
In fact they will fall asleep soundly pretty much anywhere you start talking!

With me as mayor there is no threat of sleep!

You name an issue….I'M AGAINST IT!

You name a minority….I'M OPPRESSING THEM!

You name a freedom….I'LL KICK IT'S ASS!

Freedom of speach is about to get replaced with freedom to shut up and do as I say or you get sent to a secret detention center!

My supporters will get to go surf boarding, my detractors are going to go water boarding!

Vak, you just aren't down with da kids like I am. The Vast is hip to the now! I'm a happening groovy cat with a terminal case of disco fever!
Do you want old man Vak, plodding around in his slippers, incontinence bag hanging at his side, his dentures rattling all over the place as your leader? Hes not just a has-been, hes a never-was-been (that's one of mine, pretty snappy huh?)
Go back to the 1930's grandpa!

The young people are here, and we are blowing stuff up in a psychodelic love van of the apocalypse!


Did you see that, Vak? That happened! That was real! That's now a part of the collective history of the human race!


Because who ever you vote for, you are all DOOMED! DOOOOOOMMMMMED!

As Mayor I promise to outlaw Hark's use of drugs.
Cause we all know he's got to be on something.
I mean, come on! He's tripping! He's tripping worse than the time I tried to flirt with every girl in the Sheraton hotel. And there was like, hundreds of them. And I got hair advice from some goth dude. And bought an issue of Hustler. And this was on a field trip! And I was only tripping on sugar! Heck, I remember trying to hit on the student president! There was like booty everywhere. And the two guys in my class were like all bugged eyed and freaking out and shit over my crazy antics…
But that was more than you need to know. So yeah, vote Vak, don't eat an all candy breakfast…uh…
What was my point again?
Oh right, motherharker is high!
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