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zekeybomb at 9:05PM, July 18, 2007
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Then I took a step back and was like “ok this is clearly a dream. I'm going to dream about something else now.” and I did. And that was the closest I've ever come to having a nightmare.—
kinda weird question but when i learn flash fully could i make a movie of that dream
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ozoneocean at 9:18AM, July 20, 2007
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I had a nightmare just recently…
I was in a car with my family, when there was a weird sound above us, like an aeroplane but different. it came over head and it was deafening. I got out of the car and trees and buildings around me started exploding into shards. I looked up and saw the outlined shape of a Russian Mil Mi 28 attack helicopter, it was covered in a coruscating rainbow of dark colours that slowly faded out to reveal it in its entirety. Two 30mm cannon on its nose were swinging around and blasting everything in sight, wherever there was a person they were shooting, sending massive projectiles crashing down to eradicate any moving life. I hid behind a tree but I knew it'd be useless…

Then I was in a large house. There were evil ghostly spirits meeting in the main hall and they knew I was there. I knew they were there too, but other living people didn't. Great gusts of wind shook the inside of the house, flinging loose objects from every surface and smashing them. The windows blew outwards and a storm formed outside, lashing everything with rain and bringing down trees. None of it touched me though, because I knew what they were, and soon they left.

Ha, Dreams are pointless ^_^
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Hguyver at 1:42AM, July 22, 2007
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My two biggest problems with nightmares are these:

1. Being chased by something. Whether it's a dinasour rampage, a psycho killer. It's this dream where you running away, and you're always in a mad panic no matter how far you get. You could be running miles but still it feels like their still on your trail and if you slow down they're going to catch up with you. I always wake up soaked with sweat from those dreams.

2. This is actually the creepier one. Spiders. I dream that spiders start crawling over me, sometimes it's only a few sometimes more, but no matter what, everytime I wake up in the middle of the night from those dreams I have to turn on the light flip open the sheets and inspect the bed just to make sure there is nothing crawling around in there.
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swisscheese at 10:48PM, July 22, 2007
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I've frequently had nightmares as a kid growing up. As I got older they just mutated into weird dreams. I've been told I'm a vivid dreamer, but as far as I'm concerned, I just remember the visual details pretty well.

My most recent nightmare was being at a party at an old friend's house when he decides to whip out the katanas and have a sword fight. I'm concerned about this and he tells me that somebody died at last year's event and no one said anything, so I reluctantly go along with it.

That's when things get weird. There are some girls there that apparently want to get cut up for some reason, so in the midst of sword-fighting we actually cut these girls (who remain excited about being chopped up) into pieces. Afterwards I have to help pick up the bodies– or more accurately, parts thereof– and put them into garbage bags.

Two things stick with me from that dream: 1. near-crippling guilt at having done something so depraved, and 2. the fact that, even though there were fountains of blood everywhere during the slicing, there were only a couple of drops of blood on the otherwise pristine white carpet.

Despite all my other nightmares, I've never been so relieved that a dream didn't really happen. I'm sure this one has some sort of weird Freudian meaning, but I'd just as soon not know about it. I think Freud was a little … preoccupied, if you know what I mean.
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Ocka at 11:19PM, July 22, 2007
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Only two nightmares come to mind:

One was about me being trapped in a room with that guy who sings that berry's and cream song….he was just dancing and singing that song over and over and over and over and over…

The other one was quite weird, I was sitting at home and all of a sudden zombies started to attack everyone in town… including my family. I had to run from my infected family, but unlike “normal” zombies, they talked back (like the Marvel zombies) and told me they were just going to bite me and let me be one of them so that we can always be together. However, my brothers wanted to eat me. So I hid in a certain part of the city for awhile, and one day decided to come out.

When I do the whole city is full of hungry zombies eating anything they could find (minus each other). I went up on the roof holding on to a huge support beam, but then one zombie saw me. From out of nowhere a zombie-fied Hulk started to come after me. He bit my hand and I screamed in pain, but when he came charging toward me, I dodged him and he was impaled by a pole… he died.

From there I ran to escape the zombies, looking for a place to hide. I find an apartment complex and enter. As I walk in, the zombies were making the apartments there their own and living in them (like a “normal” human family). In fear I ran into one room, and my zombie-fied family lived in it.. my brother came charging, but my grandmother stopped them. She asked if I wanted to join them. I said yes. She then told my brother to bite my hand, and he walked slowly toward me. I stopped him and told him the hulk had already bit me. So they told me to hide in the closet and to come out when I was zombie-fied. While in the closet they told me how it was as a zombie, and I was getting excited.

However, from out of nowhere a group of rebels came out and started to shoot the zombies. They got into my family's room and started to kill them. I ran out and saw what they were doing and begged them to stop. The squad was slowly killed off by my family, but the leader killed everyone but my cousin (female). I begged for him to spare her, he said that she would eat us, and that he wanted to protect me. Before he could pull the trigger, I pushed him and he dropped his gun. I picked it up and shot him in the leg. He started to scream for me to help him, and I looked at my zombie-fied cousin with a smile on my face. She got the hint. So I walked out the door, but before I left I told her to hurry and run far away. I shut the door and heard him scream in pain,being ripped apart and eaten. I walked out of the apartment complex to see dead zombies and looters everywhere. One of them walk to me and ask who I was, if I knew what happened to the guys inside. I told the my name said I didn't see anyone inside. He nodded and took me to the leader. He had a beard and looked down at me and asked what was wrong with my hand. I told him a zombie-fied hulk bit it. He asked how long ago, I told him a few hours ago. He was surprised, and quickly pulled out a needle with weird stuff in it. He injected into me and my hand was back to normal. He told me to join them, I looked behind me and daw my cousin run out of teh building, only I noticed. I looked at him and said yes.

Then I woke up. it was a dream I cannot forget, and it was just interesting how it all happened. It was scary because I saw my own family died…. twice.

Ever since then I really don't have any dreams.. just blackness… maybe I do have dreams but jsut don't remember.

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kingofsnake at 11:22AM, July 23, 2007
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Then I took a step back and was like “ok this is clearly a dream. I'm going to dream about something else now.” and I did. And that was the closest I've ever come to having a nightmare.—
kinda weird question but when i learn flash fully could i make a movie of that dream

NO! F.U.! It's MY intellectual property!

Lol, naw, I don't care, do what you want.
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Fitz at 2:38PM, July 23, 2007
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A lot of my nightmares are of me being chased by someone/something. Let's see… A school bully looking for me all over SS Enterprise… Wild boars, wolves, bears… Aliens… Chupacabra… Midget mobsters… A SWAT team… A witch (while I'm a little girl)… Monster trucks with AI… A dragon… And sometimes just plain, ordinary, crazed mob of people :)

Sometimes, it's me chasing someone. Definitely more fun! >:)

I used to have some very trippy ones from my early childhood years. Those things scarred me for life.

But you know what the scariest dreams are sometimes? The ones seem so much like my real life that I can't tell the difference. And the ones where I'm still in college *shudders*
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confusedsoul at 12:40PM, July 25, 2007
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This didn't scare me, but it should.

The first is one I have since named “The Chicken Willy Man”. It just featured a short, naked fat man, covered in very fine, long down all over his body and a wrinkly pair of testes on his chin, standing in what can best be called the crane stance and hopping from foot to foot, with both sets of balls swinging all over the place, to a strange, distorted song (the birdie song is the closest thing I can compare it too). I can remember my thought process cutting in with thoughts like “That's just wrong” or “That's disgusting” while watching the spectacle. Fortunately, it's not a recurring dream.

Hmm, I get sleep paralysis and I've heard talk of people seeing an old woman trying to smother them, but I've never had that. I feel like I've missed out. :(

I think chasing dreams happen the most when you're younger. It did for me, but that may just be because I'm slow.
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tea_green at 10:43PM, July 25, 2007
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I have a ton of nightmares. Most of which I try to forget but here's some that just stick with me:

I just had a nightmare last night where I was the same age but I was in some sort of alternate reality where somehow one of my exs had knocked me up. I wasn't sure which one and I was stuck living with both of them! They both wanted to do “stuff” with me but neither of them wanted to claim the baby. The odd thing was that no matter what I was doing I never but the baby down. It was a baby girl. It was more sad than a nightmare.

Another nightmare I had was where these deformed rabbits invaded my house. I was trapped in my room and reached under my bed for something and one of the rabbit things bit me on the hand! The really creepy thing was that my hand was sore for a few days in the same spot where I was bitten.

Then there's a reccuring nightmare where I'm working in an office building and a group of people appear and start to shoot the place up. I go to hide in the elevator and the cord breaks. It falls so fast that I go airborne. I always wake up just as it crashes.
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swisscheese at 12:35PM, July 26, 2007
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Another nightmare I had was where these deformed rabbits invaded my house. I was trapped in my room and reached under my bed for something and one of the rabbit things bit me on the hand! The really creepy thing was that my hand was sore for a few days in the same spot where I was bitten.

Not too strange IMO. A lot of times if something happens to you when you're dreaming you will incorporate it into your dream. I've had my alarm clock's insistent beeping take on many forms, for instance, and had a random lady try to sell me Jenny Craig in a shopping mall because the commercial was on the radio while I was asleep. Most strikingly, I had a dream where I was falling, and when hit the ground I woke up, only to find that I did, in fact, roll off the top bunk and land on the floor. Ow.
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muridiana at 8:52PM, July 26, 2007
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Ah yes I've had a few and a reoccuring one.

This one was odd it had like a warning dream before it so two in one im so lucky. Basily I would float of be dragged down the stairs of my house to the living room. or lounge. My parents would be on the sofa then i would float into a clock on the wall that would warp and the numbers would change to deformed letters and such. Then wack I would be back on my bed only my bed would be bigger and tihs cuddley toy rabbit that was about 5 foot tall, (when your a kid thats huge) would come to life and shout my name demonicly and i would curl up and wake up screaming. I really hated this dream and to this day even though I know its utter crap thinking about it makes me nervous, I had a few others like this one with the toy of my pet monster fame doing the same with a white furred clone.

The ones that freak me the most are the more abrupt ones. Like reaching for a light and seeing a shadow more in your room and hearing a monster scream and waking up.

Or antoher was lying in bend and a nuke went off I just saw the flahs and herd everything collapsing that was scary.

there are others but ive creepied myself out now I want my comfort blanket and some cookies.
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mlai at 8:08AM, July 30, 2007
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The Accomplice

The Heart of Darkness

The Doomed Consciencious Objector

The Trucker Mom

I just had a very detailed and disturbing dream. The content is disturbing, but I wasn't because the entire thing felt like me watching a movie, even though I was living the role of John Cusack.

So these 3 middle aged men were driving down a boulevard at night at high speed in the “old stud” guy's dark convertible. None of them were drunk but they were having a good time talking about men stuff. At first I thought that this was going to be some sort of Dukes of Hazard reunion TV movie.

Then, on a whim, the old stud, the driver, decided to accelerate ALOT and cut across 5 lanes -including a grassy center divide- in order to make it to his driveway. He cuts in front of 2 mack trucks, 1 of which was surprised and went onto the sidewalk. There was no collision and no major damages, but obviously the trucker got pissed and she called the police and reported the whole thing as a traffic incident. The trio didn't go anywhere cuz the whole thing happened in front of the house.

So afterwards, in the house, Cranston (the driver) decides that he was wronged and he wants to do something about it. So Newman (the fat gopher) starts going online to see what he dig up about the woman (they have her name etc). At first, Newman and Cusack are both ambivalent about the thing, because Cranston seems to be thinking something physical:

“What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we going to do anyways?”

But the Newman finds something and a weird turn in him occurs. He finds an high school paper article the woman wrote as a teen years ago, about some kid who committed suicide by jumping off a building. The paper's photo of the location shows some building with a neon sign on it. Newman gets this strange eager look to him, like he's caught up in some strange scary karma. He starts talking about how this is like fate, because they all actually went to that school, and they all kinda knew her, and that same sign is now right in front of this house, and in the photo the woman was kinda wearing the same clothing even though it was decades ago. He was talking fast and I couldn't catch all of it, but it made sense to him. Anyways, he was in.

In the meantime, the woman was going back to her house to her daughter, who she's having a custody battle over.

So the trio took, let's see, a baseball bat, a shovel or an axe, a machete, a hammer, and stuff? I only clearly remember the baseball bat, but all 3 were holding stuff. They were walking forward steadily, in the darkness, in the small patch of woods behind her small house, approaching the small house and you can see the lights on.

So Cusack is still trying to talk them down, asking why the hell they are carrying weapons. Cranston said something like “We're just gonna scare a confession out of her. See, I got the recorder.”

This is when I woke up.

The whole “movie” had a gradually accelerating pace to it, with its slick editing and tense music, that I can't do justice to with words. It felt like A Simple Plan, like an inevitable descent into karmic hell that you can't take your eyes away from.

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