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New this summer - 20 Galaxies the Animated Series! See the main page for progress
Comics currently running on a regular schedule // 20G, Tuesdays
Cerulean Lee, 30 years old, living out here in Wisconsin.
I love playing and watching sports, particularly Ultimate frisbee, American football, and baseball. Other interests - birds, meteorology, dreams, astrology and astronomy, psychology, and the color blue. =)

Comics By Whirlwynd

  • Fantasy |
  • 93 pages |
  • last: April 16 2014 |
20 Galaxies - The town of Quarterhill is famous for its modern legends and strange phenomena. When four local kids are led to the truth behind these legends, they are granted fantastic powers in hopes of saving the world.
  • Superhero |
  • 266 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
[Old Version] The town of Quarterhill is famous for its modern legends and strange phenomena. When four local kids are led to the truth behind these legends, they are granted fantastic powers in hopes of saving the world.
  • Fantasy |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
The race is on as Aurelia four others seek to revive figures of legend. The ancient and powerful Xaithe are the keys to restore order to the world - but someone plans on keeping the truth a myth.
  • Fantasy |
  • 5 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Adaptation of the Sega Saturn video game. Two teens and a dreamworld jester named NiGHTS take on the creator of nightmares.
  • Noir |
  • 149 pages |
  • last: Feb. 3 2014 |
The concept of luck was sentenced to walk the Earth as a human. She doesn't know why. But she's not alone. Meet Marlin Sainlevie, owner of a massive corporation and the man-made galaxy it controls. He's evil incarnate - and Luck's only hope.

Comics Assisted By Whirlwynd

  • Adventure |
  • 9 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A meeting with three alien fighters changes the life of a young black gamer forever. He is asked to accompany them on a journey that could mean the difference between survival or destruction for an entire planet system.

Comics Recomended By Whirlwynd

When an undercover world unknown to humanity is set in peril, an ordinary girl and her friends are cast into the midst of the fight. Used to create, Mirror of Life brings only death. Rated PG for some violence. Added the subtitle cause the name was taken.

Welcome to Sunset City, a rustic western town where outlaws sling sorcery just as often as six shooters. This is the story Of Mirai Lain, a rookie sheriff sent to bring order to the town, and to investigate the murder of Sunset's previous sheriff.

Backup is a story about an awkward, slightly androgynous girl named Alex Wood and her journey at her last resort college, City University. Targeted toward people with open minds(Sexuality, LGBT themes, and all that other college stuff). Humor/Romance

In a misguided attempt to develop their full potential for success, students at a German university are forced to participate in a campus chess "game" in which they are the pieces and the captures could consist of murder. Updates Sundays. (this is a mirror)

a grouping of comic characters and artists from Drunk Duck put together.... IN A HIGHSCHOOL!!! Bet you didn't see THIS coming, huh?

The psychedelic fantasy action manga! Updates Sundays and Wednesdays. Groovalicious comedy with big swords, big flares and spiffy magical knights!

Starkeeper is the sole protector of Centro City, a city obsessed with gaming and plagued by gang violence. Between her and peace is the gang Badstar, and an especially nefarious member known only as Bastardface.

Raphael is the calm, soft-spoken son of a single mother. He never bothered with a social life, was a horrible volleyball player and always dreamt about being a writer and having children. One day he walked home and found blood...

Redd Rowzen was cursed with invisibility. As a result he is cut from the real world. When he discovers his power to become normal again, he's the new target of the 'dark hunters' invisibles who are after his life and ability. To live, Redd must master it.

What happens when you mix silly situations, ridiculous evil villians, six normal girls, parody, and weather? You end up with Magical Weather Girls Go! A story about magical girls, weather, and ridiculousness. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri

A black mage on a quest seeking revenge; A naive elf-girl adventurer wannabe who keeps getting into trouble; A sinister and evil power that threatens to destroy the world... Fantasy/Adventure manga.

An unnamed school gets shot up by crazy cult members who want to build a New World Order. Its fate rests on the shoulders of a loner and an angel. Updates Monday and Friday

All Mike Smith wanted was an ordinary life. What he got was body snatching spirits, mutated kittens and a magical mission to protect the Earth. Oh, and hot pink boots. Shounen Fight is a parody of standard magical girl comics... but with boys.

Prodigium means prodigy in Latin. A term that describes these kids well. After seemingly unrelated teens wake up in the hospital with no memory they start realizing they do know each other and the strange things happening around them aren't that strange.

Rival Angels follows the story of Sabrina 'Ultragirl' Mancini and her three roommates in the fight of their lives as they battle against the best wrestlers in the world, contend with rivalries both personal and professional and try not to kill each other.

When a guardian angel comes to a despondent, middle-school artist, she finds her life to be much more than it seems.

After a near fatal accident, Sarah Liebowitz is presented with strange powers by beings from her dreams, telling her to accept her true parentage, her destiny, and the chance to become a hero


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