Vol. 2 #1 Cover

Abt_Nihil on Oct. 17, 2010

A.D 1997 Vol.2 #1 is now available from indyplanet!

The artwork for this cover was directly taken from the interior artwork. I had planned to do a classic cover featuring an action shot with several characters, but then I did some book designs, for which I turned some of the interior artwork into covers. And I liked it!

Of course this artwork was never meant to be blown up to this size, but somehow it makes for an iconic cover, I think. And it might stand apart from other covers more than if I had done a classic action shot.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


lit: Right. And I usually do the action shot, so I need a break from that every once in a while :D

DAJB: Phew! :-)

mind_reader, Nepath, Peipei, ghostrunner: Thanks!