It daid.

Freux on Dec. 27, 2009

You all saw this coming, I'm sure. I saw it coming like, a year ago. It was the size of TEXAS! :O

Yeah, aMoT is dead. One day it may rise again like a phoenix, setting CA on fire as majestically passes by, but it won't be ANYTIME soon. Every time I try to draw those characters, my muse beats me in the head with an invisible bowling pin. And my determination to stick with it has left me with the artistic confidence of a regurgitated walnut.

I've had medical issues, I've been fired, I've moved several more times..

It's just time to move on.

New job, new comic, new life. The link to that new comic is here:
Currently, DD is the only place it will be hosted. If you want to keep in touch with me better ( DD is not the place to do it :P ), I will post my DA and twitter info later. I'll also be updating my journal comic: