The Quality Of Reclamation Page Thirty-Two

Genejoke on July 29, 2021

I'm wondering if anyone will spot the reference to a non trek sci fi novel on this page. Granted it's not a massively known book but it's by a fairly known author who wrote an episode of the animated series.

All the artwork for this story is complete and pages are put together aside from the lettering of the last three pages. I have a passable page buffer for a change.

The next story is mostly plotted and done so to a level I have never done before. Normally my plotting and scripting process is in my head and I wing it. When I do write a script I start with page one from a rough idea and write it, then iterate as I go and usually redo the dialogue when lettering. With the new story I have written the main and secondary plots as well as individual character plots for all the characters in the story. Okay not all, some others may have a single line or background appearance. but if they are in a few scenes they have a something going on.