Bowling Pt. 5

antcomics on Feb. 3, 2008

Another comic building up to Numero 75!

I love the word ‘wisacre’.

The cameos:


Jurbas, there in panel six, looking rather bewildered at what has gone down since the Ants' arrival–Jurbas is drawn by none other than…Jurbas! He's my good Aussie buddy and you can read his comic right here—SHAZAM! :

Next up a two panel appearance by one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite comics at The Duck…it's Ronson, playing the barkeep (you will recognize his whiskery face and bald pate right away). He's from The Gods Of Arkelaan, here:

Last, but not least, in the last panel, enjoying a brew at the Frontier Bowl Bar we have Lempki, from Pugnuggle Tales, by the wildly talented HarryQ:

As promised, more cameos will appear in the next few strips. Stay tuned to this Ant Channel.

Also if you want to, I have begun to post an epic tale o' mine called “The Holiday Doctor”, which I started many moons ago and can be found here:

Disco to that boogie beat!
I need to go find food now!! Have fun, Antpeeps!