Issue 6 Page 13

spacehamster on April 4, 2012

…and we're back. Sorry, folks, but March really does suck.
Anyway, no recap this time, if you don't get what's going on, take a look at page 12. Why am I telling you this? Because while I generally avoid starting a page with a panel that requires you to remember information from the previous page (case in point, that Deadhead is holding a nurse's head between his hands here) what with this being a weekly webcomic and all, I just couldn't figure out a way around it this time. And of course this had to be the page that comes after a break of several weeks. Murphy: he's not just a river in Egypt.
Also, yes, Shadow looks very different, doesn't she? More on that soon. For now, let's just say I was sick of the 80s gym outfit. Because that's definitely part of it.
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