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Real Name: Mike
Occupation: Schoolteacher
Legal Status: Not currently wanted for anything he knows of
Former Aliases: Something his granma sometimes still calls him
Identity: Its, like, totally a secret.
Marital Status: Very single
Known Relatives: A bunch
Group Affiliation: Sad Geeks International, Inc.
Base of Operations: Zurich, Switzerland
First Appearance: One fateful winter day that shall forever live in infamy
Origin: spacehamster does not remember the day he started drawing any more than he remembers the day he started pooping.
Height: 6
Weight: 187 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: Tends to be the loudest guy in the room
Date of Birth: January 9th, 1977
Place of Birth: Uster, Switzerland
Powers: spacehamster has the uncanny ability to annoy the heck out of people. This ability is noticeably heightened by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Weapons: Pentel, Kolinsky, Rothring, Wacom.
Special Equipment: Too much coffee

Comics By spacehamster

  • Superhero |
  • 149 pages |
  • last: April 12 2012 |
In Junction City, there are men and women with strange powers and abilities, the Omega Humans. Ostracized by society, many turn to crime, while a few are employed by JCORP to keep the city safe. But can a corporation be trusted with law enforcement?

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From Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering creator, Nate Piekos, comes ATLAND! A long-running fantasy epic of high adventure and lowbrow humor!

A small hidden world, and its Dragon deity, are threatened with destruction. Its up to a small band of forgotten heroes, to stand, and defend the world against impossible odds, while, re-discovering the lost heroes within themselves. Fantasy/action sci-fi

For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, Lt. David Day Became HERO BY NIGHT, protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it, until one day...HE VANISHED. A Platinum Studios comic! Updates Monday-Frid

A character-driven superhero comic, set in the UK? One that's not a spoof? Oh, you'll be wanting Shades then!

The Order -- The Seven Pillars of Freedom. The Galaxy's Greatest Gathering of Superheroes! Silver Age Superhero Adventures in a Digital Age format!

Dublin O'Darby (The Red Devil) is an international crime-fighter who works for Sebastian Coronado, the director of an organization dedicated to combating cartels of evil. Joining The Red Devil is teenage sidekick Charlotte Murphy (Kid Diablo). In the exciting first issue, Red Devil and Kid Diablo track down a dangerous ninja, Silent Noise, who has stolen a mysterious ring which once belonged to a diabolical group of demon worshipers known as the Order of Methalius.

Join the enigmatic Edgar Allan Poo and faithful guide Irving the rat as they battle mythical beasts, ancient gods, magical ravens, sorcerers, the undead, inclement weather and treacherous terrain to escape the land of dreams.


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SympleSymon at 6:30AM, Feb. 1, 2008

Thanks for the add and the comment (my first!), hope Bulletproof goes on forever!

joeyjarin at 6:58AM, Jan. 5, 2008

Thanks for the add, love bulletproof :)

frankbyrns at 1:04PM, Jan. 4, 2008

Bulletproof is indeed a favorite on my page -- LOVE the b&w art you've been doing!

trevoramueller at 2:03PM, Oct. 15, 2007

Love the art, and I can't wait for the next page! Thanks for the add, buddy!

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