The Other Shoe Drops

Amelius on Oct. 11, 2021

Hey so, sorry for the longer wait than usual! A lot of stuff started happening at once, and there was a lot of work that needed done. Biggest thing is we moved to a new house, something we had been planning for a while but it suddenly went from 0 to 60 and in the meantime also a death in the family so there was some time to deal with that as well.
But it wasn't just me and husbando moving, we got the place to split with his parents because his father has some mobility and health issues so we wanted to get a place that was more disability friendly for him. They were previously renting a place that had too many steps and we were worried about his dad falling on them. We got really lucky in that people aren't looking for houses made for easy mobility/elderly folks, and the house was just strange enough for most folks that we got a chance to buy it at all. It has a walk-in tub on their side of the house, so we're very pleased with that. It's also much easier for his mom to get to work downtown, if Nick wasn't working from home it'd be practically no difference because we moved basically a block away from where we were staying before.

So we had to help move some of their stuff, plus sis in law was moving because her roommate/best friend was also going to sell his house and move, so we were helping him pack and move and also fixing up our old place to rent to sister and helping her move as well. So it was a lot of moving furniture, cleaning, arranging for things to be fixed/replaced these past few weeks and man did I get hurt a lot! My leg had a bruise composed of multiple bruises almost covering my entire thigh, and both my wrists are still recovering. Poor Nick's knees are still hurting from hauling things up and down stairs, he got injured too so I had to take on a good amount of the ant work getting things moved. Ugh, I'm just so glad to be out of the old place. It was just not enough room for us and 5 cats.

Still haven't unpacked everything, but I got my workstation set up just a few days ago and spent the time since getting this page finished.

Depression doesn't go away but I do feel like a huge weight is lifted off me. The old place was really draining me. We moved out and fixed a lot of things we never got to fix for ourselves, because we just didn't have the budget or motivation or time for it before. There's still a lot to do both there and here, but I'm already feeling better about it.

Hope you all are doing well yourselves!