Rose Retinue

Amelius on July 13, 2022

What's all this about being a big hero queen?! Well, someone let out the Leporids (the Orycalope's guard animals) which gave a lot of opportunity for survivors to escape the vampire attack, though honestly the Rose Sisters and the numerous other half-feral demon bunny kids probably didn't have an issue tearing through/evading vampires. There's also the massive amount of vampire corpses that were left behind on the surface… while they couldn't recover the fallen Orycalopes inside the caves (for “being occupied by vampires” reasons) there was clearly some attempt during the day to recover anyone who managed to escape and regroup.
Finding out the “Queen” survived, the Rose Sisters have seized on an opportunity to build up her legend and feats… why so loyal to a Queen they only knew for such a short time though? Guess we'll just have to find out…

I'm hoping the next page won't be such a long wait. I already have it inked, flatted, and some backgrounds illustrated. I hate to sound like a beggar but if you want faster updates, leave comments– it's always been my #1 motivating factor, seeing discussion/reactions. I have never been motivated by “popularity” or stats, only knowing if it's connecting with or pleasing the dear friends I'm making this all for. I deeply, DEEPLY appreciate the comments I've been getting. You're kinda keeping it alive here. (◕ ᵕ ◕)

And special shoutout to returning readers! I keep failing to respond to comments and that's bad!(it's mostly the anxiety but ngl it's the ADHD that's as much to blame for that, I just lost like 5 tabs of comment replies I'd yet to hit “send” on thanks to computer restarting when I went to bed, and that's the kind of thing happening to me all the time, I gotta overthink every reply and then WOOSH it's all gone)
I'm going to TRY to be more responsive though, just realize it might take me some time because ADHD time is weird. Yesterday was last week, that kinda thing.

But AN-EE-WAY I saw a few of you mention coming back, and I'm thrilled that you remembered the comic and are visiting again, thank youse!!

(*edited- fixed a goof with Rosa's bag switching shoulders, and also fixed Rosemary's shout balloon which had changed shape after resizing and was crowding the text)