Prince Of Lies

Amelius on Nov. 14, 2022

So, was gonna apologize for the long delay due to extreme back pain and mention that I'm feeling much better because it went away as mysteriously as it appeared… but now my frickin' wrist got sprained (but not so mysteriously, a product of cold and adrenaline and overzealous tool usage while trying to procure an out-of-reach object: A glass insulator that hadn't been shot to pieces by jerks). Oof, I'm gonna take the ibuprofen before I go to bed this time, I had some in the morning the other day and it gave me false confidence that it was OK on its own by the evening. Sleep was a challenge when it wore off. I have the next page inked and I'm very excited about the sequence, but I'm gonna try to actually actually take it easy so I don't damage things further. I thought it was the cyst acting up at first to be honest until the morning it felt exactly like the time I fell in a ditch and rolled my ankle and sprained that.

I've got a brace on, so I'm taking it serious. For how bad it hurts I can't NOT take it serious. :(

What also really sucks is I JUST got my HDMI problem fixed so now my tablet properly works and displays clear! A good friend of ours hooked us up with a graphics card and installed it for us. It astounds me the solution was that simple but the “repair” place we took it to in 2020 couldn't think of a single solution beyond using an adapter that made the resolution terrible. (we took it in for fan repair and it came back with HDMI port not working– and we didn't even accuse them of breaking it, we just wanted it fixed and were going to pay but they acted like it was impossible and we must be mistaken that it ever worked, we got the impression they mainly did cracked cellphone screens and didn't want to actually work on an actual computer so they were brushing us off.)

Also this page just took so long because I regret feathers!!! The way I used to do them looked so terrible in hindsight, but it was easier.

Anyway I'm gonna try to not get tempted by the sweet relief of painkiller to start working on stuff anyway and prolong my suffering in the long run. In my small scraps of sleep I dreamed of getting my arm shoved in a woodchipper, so it doesn't feel great!