Chapter 1, Page 8

alschroeder on Nov. 1, 2010

Now THERE's an entrance…

This beautiful page is by RedDeath of BAD GUY HIGH, and is set in the BGH universe. These are Dan's comments:

"With today's page I tried to begin the page with the white-panel boarder style of Pilli Adventure and have it turn into the black boarders used in BGH. For those of you confused, Pilli Adventure and Bad Guy High “unofficially” take place in the same continuity, because we've had a few crossovers already. This is the first time I ever properly drew Algeya's characters though, so I wanted to do them as much justice as I could.

“It may also be clear to everyone, that I have NO IDEA how to draw a motorcycle.”

Some of you may not be familiar with Pilli and Paco from Algeya's delightful THE ADVENTURES OF PILLI. Captain Perfect's brother, SuperDan, appeared in a storyline in PILLI starting here and Evan from BGH entered that same storyline here, so they coexist in the same reality. North of the American-Mexican border has been chronicled in BGH, south of it has been chronicled in PILLI.

We also give a collective name to the bad guys–the Doppelganger Gang. Yeah, these guys are new, but you may find ties to other webcomics nevertheless.

Why are they hunting the Death-Avatars in different dimensions?

And how bad-ass ARE they, since they're HUNTING Deaths, instead of running screaming from them?

You'll find out.

We're going to give you a full week to savor this one. Next Tuesday, Captain Perfect fights on!