Chapter 1, page 26

alschroeder on Jan. 11, 2011

My third page: OK, she was revealed as a member of Crossoverkill some months ago now, and here she is (drumroll)… Hoodoo!

Unlike the other characters in this project (except for Captain Perfect), Hoodoo doesn't have an eponymous webcomic and (like Captain Perfect) she's a player in a huge cast. For that reason I asked for some indulgence to introduce her to Crossoverkill readers… so here she is, doing it in style!

Although she was originally introduced at the end of the first Magellan chapter it was not until the fourth chapter - “Bad Karma” - that Hoodoo got the chance to shine. She had a blue themed costume back then and this is the debut of her scarlet threads! For everything else you might want to know about Hoodoo you can read it all here.

In addition to her duties of saving the world, cats in trees, etc, she's also a trainer at the Academy and in today's sequence she's showing two first year cadets/novice witches the ropes. Montana-Rose and Jemima played a none too minor role themselves in the aforementioned “Bad Karma” arc. The Robomat is a bit like a Danger Room, but with robots! It's been used before… here, here and here

Sista Superior may only be represented by a robot in this sequence but she has previously appeared in the flesh in two sideline projects - Charisma Epoch's Kiss Me Tour plus Charisma's tweets (I kid you not! Scroll down to May 8…)

Tomorrow: Someone get's pwned. Hint, it's not Hoodoo.