High Battle Princess Cyanna

EssayBee on May 13, 2019

Last episode, some folks asked if we'd see what Cyanna looked like back in her days as High Battle Princess–so here you go. And, yes, that's Tranalu'or and its two moons in the background.

With Femme, you can see her basic root rings (for ceremonial and non-battle purposes, her root rings are more elaborate than just the Royal Family rings shown here) as well as her crest ring, and her sidelocks done up in a topknot. Her battle membrane is the same one she wears now, but in battle she wore additional armor (and had a longer cape). Her emblem is that of the Royal Family, which was pretty easy to tweak into her Femme Fantastic emblem. (Admiral Awesome's Con'qorian emblem was similarly easy to tweak to his current emblem.) The colors of the flag on the battle standard denote the Royal Family and Cyanna's color in recognition of her status as High Battle Princess. Most likely, after she left the Con'qorian Empire, that blue color was replaced by the color of her brother or sister (whoever took over as High Battle Prince/Princess).

For those interested, over at my DeviantArt account (https://www.deviantart.com/essaybee) I'll be posting higher-res versions of this (with prints available), as well as a horizontal wallpaper version.