Dude in Distress Strip 108 Teaser

EssayBee on Aug. 19, 2019

As I mentioned last week, I need to take a few weeks off to get caught up with things because of various stuff going on in my life. As promised, here's a tease of where the story will go when we get back to it in a few weeks (probably September 9).

To give a rundown of the things that have been slowing me down…I've had some repeated dizzy spells and nausea the past few months that have knocked me out of commission for a few days at a time. In short, my vitals all look good, so right now the doctors' best guess is that the symptoms are a result of migraines (which I've never had an issue with before).

The other thing that's been taking up time is that we've been looking to buy the house we've been renting for the past 7 years. Well, we finally closed this past Friday, so that part of the process is done. Now I'll be spending some time fixing the place up a bit. The house is almost 110 years old, so it needs a good bit of TLC–and at some point, I'll hopefully fix up a new dedicated office/library/studio space–so I expect to be sinking a bit of time into various home-improvement projects.

Anyway, I'm hoping to keep Fusion going uninterrupted moving forward and will get back to Dude in Distress probably around September 9. I'll likely post one or two Dude in Distress updates before then.