Hiatus for June

EssayBee on June 1, 2020

Sorry, folks, but Dude in Distress will be going on hiatus for the month of June, but will return July 7. This is just to give me time to do some home-improvement projects and some other “real life” stuff I need to do, as well as catch a slight breath. (Putting out weekly updates for 2 comics does get tiring–but thankfully it's something I still really enjoy!)

I will continue to put out new Fusion pages to complete the current issue, and then will likely take a 1- to 2-month hiatus on Fusion (per the norm) before starting on Issue #17.

I'll still be working on Dude in Distress in the meantime–just a bit slower than the weekly output demands.

I'll see everyone back on July 6!