Chapter 27.12.783

LanceDanger on Feb. 9, 2022

And with this upload, I already surpassed all of 2021 uploads! Huzzah! Hope you're all doing well.
We are little over halfway done with this chapter (finally). A couple of notes if you haven't read or forgotten a couple of things in case you're confused with this page in particular:
The guy in the last panel hasn't appeared since chapter 4. Back then, he gave Cheryl important info about Fred being hunted down by Fatfish, the biggest crimelord in Puerto Rico.
The drink Jane ordered, “Sabu”, is this guy's preferred drink. It's called a “Sabu” because it's a drink that homicidal, suicidal, and genocidal. If you know, you know XD
I hope you all can feel the fun I'm having making this chapter, and especially the pages I've uploaded this year.
Catch you all next week!