012. Ring Trick

usedbooks on Dec. 5, 2008

My apologies for tons o' delays. I have this comic on an undefined schedule for a very good reason, after all. Slowness (possibly even a pause) will continue for the holiday season. Aside from holiday madness, I also have just been getting over my UB artist/writer block, and so I focus my energies there until I lose momentum. (Plus, this comic exists solely to be a reservoir for all the crazy ideas that fill my head and cause UB writer's block…) I've also been busy giving tours of our museum to preschoolers. /excuses

I was tired of inventing random people for extras, so today's comic contains two cameos, Lia from Salt the Holly and Fred from The Mighty Warlord. (Amanda, Lia will be returned to you with a complementary roll of scotch tape. ;-) ) Amanda and LanceDanger left the first comments on Gelotology. I will probably be using more cameos in the future if no one minds.