Tangles - 6

KimLuster on Oct. 3, 2018

Well, a page every ten days or so…?! I hope this isn't the new norm, but… who knows?!

I have been a bit busier helping with the DD Awards, Judging and Presentations! Speaking of, I understand there's quite a few Presentations still needing done. Gonna help with a few more (so pretty sure next page will be late too…). If any of you feel even a tiny bit like you should help, ride that guilt train and PQ Niccea and tell her so!! :D

Anyway… These kids seem to have acclimated to the presence of super-powered beings quite well… kids are amazing that way! Having been in the middle of a kid hurricane like this many, many times, it's amazing how much fun and frustration can exist in the same setting!

I bet all these kids are home-schooled to keep them from blabbing about Socorro and Kimber Lee to class-mates, but… kids can keep secrets quite well if they know how very important it is!!

Next Page - Horsies!!

Life and Good Dreams!