Page 1: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 4, 2012

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Top page: So this guy obviously appeared on that last page of last issue. He knows Astral's real name, so you know something's up. Of course, I realize I seem to draw ths structure of page a lot. I wonder why. Oh well. I'm not horribly happy with how it turned out, though I do like the last panel. Also, yes, Astral is very busty. He hates his breasts, but they're too big for him to bind down properly and he hasn't yet been able to get them removed (obviously).

Bottom page: If you notice, I tried my hand at quite a bit more detail this page. Panel 1 was originally going to be it–an attempt at making the hills seem more like hills. The black on them is supposed to be patches of dark rock, but it can come off as shading just as well. Except I obviously don't shade. Oh well. Panel 10, though, I just started making more dtailed than usual and went all the way. By no means is it perfect, but it's far better than my usual stuff. Maybe because I kept looking at my own hand in that position. It helps to have reference. Speaking of reference, I should have used one on the scorpion.
Also, at the end of the page, Tempore reveals where exactly he is: Shelterville, the location of the 2006 Halloween Cameo Caper! This page is part of my lead-up to the 2012 Halloween Cameo Caper. So why my detour into Shelterville? Because I want Tempore to go through all of the big events I didn't have a chance to get involved in (the Halloween Cameo Capers from 2006-2011, the Crossover Wars, maybe Crossoverlord and Crossoverkill). There are no cameos on this page per se (maybe the town of Shelterville counts, or the SMOG teleporter as a cameo of the KAMics), but I definitely reference the KAMics (Albert Quad and his alias Frank Lee Absurd). The cowboy with dreams of world domination, and who seems to have gotten on the bad side of scorpions, is my own creation, just a way to show why there's a gate near Shelterville.

Tomorrow: Astral responds and Tempore enters Shelterville.